The Optional Quad Stroller: ZOE XL4 BEST Review & Sale!

Quad strollers are HUGE, super heavy, and really inconvenient in so many ways! They take up entire rooms at you church, local daycare, and so much room in your garage that you can’t even pull your car into it’s spot!

Try folding your quad stroller and putting in your trunk. Or, take it to the grocery store and mall and try to shop. Ha! It’s a complete nightmare right?

Well, ZOE Strollers is about change all of that with the introduction of their new XL4 Quad Stroller. It’s an OPTIONAL 4-Passenger stroller!

There are so many more details to come in the future, but here’s what we know for now:

  1. It’s a modular system built on the ZOE XL2 BEST v2 double stroller.
  2. You can add a triple seat or quad seat onto the front of the XL2
  3. You can even add both the quad and triple seat onto the front of the XL2 to create an optional 5-passenger stroller! whoa!
  4. The XL4 will be in the low 30lb range which is AMAZING!
  5. It will fold into two super compact, lightweight pieces.
  6. It will fit thru standard doorways
  7. It has six-wheels and turns very well
  8. Each seat reclines independently and has an independent canopy!
  9. There are two large storage baskets with elastic openings

As we learn more about the ZOE XL4 Quad Stroller, we will update here. ZOE has said they will release the XL3 Triple, XL4 Quad, and XL5 Five-Passenger strollers this fall. Ask use questions in the comments below and tell us what you think!!

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