ZOE XL2 DESIGNER Lightweight Double Stroller Review


The ZOE XL2 DESIGNER is a unique and fun stroller that will help to make all of your stroller dreams come true. This convenient and easy to use stroller offers you everything that you have been looking for and more. Plus it has one of the lightest weights in the entire lightweight stroller class. While this would lead you to believe that the stroller was missing something, as you check it out you will realize that it actually has quite a few features that other strollers are missing. This is really the same stroller as the ZOE XL2 BEST with the addition of colored wheel covers and colored strap pads so that you can jazz up your stroller to look any way that you want. It also comes with matching pads and covers so that you can swap them out and change your look as you want to. How fun would it be to be able to have your stroller match your wardrobe or your mood….with the ZOE XL2 DESIGNER this is actually possible.


The MSRP of the ZOE XL2 DESIGNER is $179.99. If you purchase this stroller from Amazon then you can save a little bit of money and pick it up for just $169.99.

Net Weight

The net weight of the ZOE XL2 DESIGNER is just ten pounds which makes it fall into the ultra lightweight category that few high performance strollers fall into. In fact most of the strollers that fall into this category are so basic that people do not like them.

Carrying Capacity

This stroller can hold children up to fifty pounds. While this is not the heaviest weight at which a lightweight stroller can hold a child, it is close to the heaviest weight. You will be able to use this stroller for quite some time since it is rate for infants who are six months to children that weigh fifty pounds.

Frame Type

The aluminum frame on this stroller help to keep the weight light. The advantage of the aluminum is that it offers the stability of other larger, high weight strollers. This means that you get more than what you might imagine out of this stroller that is going to be both durable and functional.

Canopy Size

The canopy on this stroller is also very large. In fact it is so large that you can actually move a hidden part to almost completely protect your child from the sun. This means that you do not have to fight with your child to wear sunglasses as you are out and about.

Canopy Windows

This stroller does not have canopy windows. This is not a big deal for some parents but for those who want a window to see their child while they are walking, it can be a huge inconvenience.

Footrest Size

The footrest on this stroller is also nice. It features enough space for your child to rest their feet but not much more. In fact this is one of the smallest footrests that you will see. It does have the additional seat coverage in between the bottom of the seat and the footrest.

Stroller Seat

The stroller seat has some padding and features a five point harness for maximum safety. This five point harness straps have some padding which makes them more comfortable for your little one.

Storage Basket Size

The storage basket on the ZOE XL2 DESIGNER is HUGE. This basket can easily hold your shopping bags, diaper bags, and more. This is something that you will especially love if you have older children as you can pack enough stuff for all of your kids in the stroller’s easy to use basket.

Additional Storage

One of the things that is especially nice with this stroller is that it features a nice large pocket on the back of the canopy where you can store your things like keys, your wallet, and cell phone. It is a great pocket for you to utilize so that you can find your items of need more conveniently.


The wheels on the ZOE XL2 DESIGNER are smaller and smooth. This means that they are not the type of wheels that you would use if you were recreational. Instead they are the perfect wheels to maneuver through everything that you will encounter in the city. In addition if you find that these wheels are ever broken you can send them back to have them replaced or repaired completely free of charge as they have a lifetime warranty. In addition to this you are going to appreciate that the wheels will come off of the stroller.

Fold Difficulty

One of the things that really draws owners to this stroller is the functional easy one hand fold design. This is so much more than what many strollers offer as you can easily fold it with one hand into a position that requires no effort while you move your child to safety. If you want you can also grab the stroller and carry it after it has been folded.

Available Accessories

Another thing that you are going to love about the ZOE XL2 DESIGNER is that it offers you the chance to have accessories without paying an additional fee. The stroller actually comes with a travel bag, parent cup holder, child cup holder, snack tray, and padded belly bar. These accessories mean that your child is going to be able to have what they want with this stroller and you won’t have to pay extra as you would with many other strollers. There are also colored wheel caps that will keep your wheels not only protected but also clean while you are using the stroller, no matter how much you use it. You can also purchase additional pads and colored wheel caps so that you can change out the colors of your stroller as you want to. This is convenient and something that you will be able to appreciate if you want your stroller to always be in style with your fashion choices. It can eliminate the need that some moms have for strollers that are different colors.


This stroller features a nice easy to use one foot brake system. This means that you do not have to worry about struggling with the brakes when you need to use them.

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