ZOE XL2 Twin+ Backpack Double Stroller Travel Bag

Recently, we went on a trip to Disney in Florida. We currently have the Zoe XL2  Twin+ double stroller which ended up being a great choice for Disney in so many ways, especially when we were in the airport on the way down there to Florida and also getting on and off of the bosses at Disney. We didn’t even realize it when we purchased the Twin+ but it is one of the only double strollers that you can take completely to the gate at the airport as it only weighs 16 pounds and safely flies under the radar, no pun intended, when it comes to most airlines with their 20 pound upper weight limit for all items checked play inside at the gate which cannot be carry-ons and the actual overhead of the airplane itself.

So before our trip we started to do research on double stroller travel bags and then quickly realized that the Zoe XL2 has a corresponding travel bag with Zoe sells directly. The cool thing is that it’s an actual backpack travel bag, not just a regular one strap travel bag. It seems a little bit ridiculous to have a double stroller on your back has a backpack but it’s actually very very functional and worked out very well. With young twins we will do anything we can to have both hands free! It’s actually really cold is Zoe understands that as they have twins themselves, the founders that is.

So we went ahead and purchased the Zoe XL2 backpack travel bag for our double stroller and it worked out perfectly. And has a very nice rubber grip on the top of it, padded backpack straps, and plenty of room for the stroller inside. It’s also really awesome that you don’t even have to take off the wheels when putting the stroller and the backpack itself. The new V2 version of the travel backpack also has zippers the zip all the way down so the entire Top of the backpack opens up making it super easy to put the stroller inside. If you’re thinking about getting Zoe XL 2 or the back pockets out for the XL2, we highly recommend it. You kept her stroller from getting super dirty in the underbelly of the airplane and it also made it super Duper convenient to travel with the Zoe Double stroller and even to walk into our hotel! We definitely recommend this travel & storage bag!

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