ZOE XL1 BEST v2 TANDEM Stroller! Sneak Peek & Review

Word around the campfire is that ZOE (known for their super innovative, lightweight, fully loaded, affordable stroller) is launching a new tandem stroller! Their XL2 BEST v2 double side by side stroller is already quickly becoming one of the popular twin side by side strollers out there, but they have not released a tandem stroller to date. Supposedly, there is a patent pending feature that will be released soon having to do with the XL1 BEST v2, but they’ve also released a very sneaky sneak peek of what appears to be a tandem stroller.

SO, we’re wondering if maybe they are one in the same!!? Maybe! ZOE has said they will hopefully launch their new single strollers for pre-ordering this week (XL1 BEST v2 & XLC BEST v2) along with revealing the patent pending feature on the XL1. We’re so excited to write more about this as ZOE releases the info on what appears to be a new super lightweight tandem stroller!!

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