ZOE 3-in-1 Booster High Chair & Toddler Chair First Look Review

So ZOE just announced a really cool new product! It’s a portable booster high chair seat just like bumbo, oxo, and prince lionheart’s bebepod, but also a low chair (otherwise known as a high chair with short legs) and a toddler chair that can be used with ZOE’s table & chair set! That’s a mouth full.

So let’s look at each one of the three functions independently!

Booster Seat & High Chair:
As a portable high chair booster seat, it’s really amazing. It has hidden storage and they say it installs faster and has more length on the straps than any other booster seat. Also, the tongue buckles on the straps give you the ability to really get a tight fit. Not sure if you’ve ever tried to install a bumbo and get a tight fit, but it’s a little ridiculous and the straps are really short.

The ZOE booster seat also has a full sized removable tray WITH a secondary inner tray that comes with the unit for free unlike most of the other boosters that either have no tray at all or that make you add on the tray (which is typically very small and impractical) for $20-30 extra!

Another big bonus is that the ZOE seat has a full 5-point harness that would be used in a full sized high chair. That’s pretty crazy when you compare it to the other seats that have no straps or a waist level 3-point harness at best.

Next you have a padded, removable, machine washable micro-fiber seat cushion that literally snaps on and off and stays in place perfectly with even crazy little toddlers sliding around on it (I tested this over the weekend and was SO impressed).

Feeding/Low/High Chair:
So this function is for all of you grandparents out there that are looking for the perfect little high chair for when the grandkids are coming over, the people who have really tight spaces or small homes/apartments/condos where you can’t afford to give up the space that a traditional high chair takes up, the nursery workers or church workers that are looking for the amazing little feeding chair for the children you watch, and of course the parents that want to be able to put your children lower to the ground when feeding them! It’s literally a full functioning high chair, just lower to the ground. Honestly, I’ve found that even when sitting at my kitchen or dining room table, it can sometimes be easier to have my children lower than I am for accessibility. This is a really cool function!

Toddler Chair:
So as you child grows older, you would typically sell, donate, or probably just trash your high chair due to the wear and tear. Well this booster seat converts into a fully functioning padded toddler chair. It can be used as a tv chair, a desk chair, or you can even buy the table and chair set from ZOE and then have a table with two chairs. So smart and cool. I love products that have this type of extended life and multi-function use.

Sometimes you will see products that have multiple functions be decent at best at a few different things. This is not the case with the ZOE Booster High Chair. It’s truly great and fully functional at all three of it’s intended uses and honestly I am very impressed with this product! I think it provides a TON of value for it’s price.

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