2018 Sneak Peek: UppaBaby Minu Stroller Review

Hey, guys. We’re gonna do a quick sneak peek and introduction to the new UppaBaby Minu … I think that’s how it’s pronounced. It’s M-I-N-U. It was just announced at the Cologne Baby Show, which is kind of the international show for the baby industry. Before we get into that I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that we are currently giving away a ZOE stroller of choice, so check out the ZOE stroller’s below at the link in the description, and also register to win. It’s very easy to enter the giveaway and we give away all kinds of other baby gear and toys, as well, so make sure to check that out.
So the UppaBaby Minu is kind of interesting because UppaBaby also just introduced the new 2019 G-Luxe, and they also have the Cruz and the Vista, so this is kind of like, maybe their new version of the G-Lite in a way. It is a pretty cool stroller. It folds very compact, very similar to the ZOE XLC, but not quite as compact, and then the Baby Jogger City Tour, but not quite as compact. It’s kind of more in line with maybe the GB Qbit, the way it folds. It’s a very similar fold … all four of those strollers, but kind of going from the XLC to the GB Qbit or the UppaBaby Minu, you’re going from the most compact with the XLC up to the least compact with the other two. But obviously it’s UppaBaby, so it’s gonna be a very nice stroller. There is like a “From Birth Kit,” I think is what they said, and so it will be able to accommodate infants, and then the seat itself is three months to 50 pounds, if I’m not mistaken. Then it weights roughly 14.5 pounds.
So we’re gonna get a ton of more information on the UppaBaby Minu soon, and we’ll do a full review, of course, once we get our hands on one and the official details are all released from UppaBaby, but we did want to give you a sneak peek from what we’ve seen online on Instagram and Stories, and kind of just the breaking details on this new stroller, and also of course wanted to make sure you guys knew about our ZOE stroller giveaway, which you can click on in the link below in the description and register to win. Thanks for watching, guys, and stay tuned for more details on this new UppaBaby stroller.

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