REVIEW: UppaBaby G-Link Double Stroller 2017

Transcript for Hearing Impaired:
Hey, everybody. It’s Hollie from Baby Gizmo. Today we’re taking a look at the UppaBaby G-Link. This is the first side-by-side double umbrella stroller from UppaBaby, and people are really excited about it. Let’s take a look. Let’s start with the seats. The seats each have a 55-pound weight capacity, so you can put 55 pounds in each seat, which that’s a big child. Now, they are 12 inches wide with a 18-inch seat back, and a measurement from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy of 26 inches.
There is an infant support system in the seat. What that does is it allows you to put a newborn right in the seat. That consists of the infant head rest right here. Underneath the seat there is a foot barrier, a mesh foot barrier, that comes out. It snaps right here to the sides of the seat. What that does is it’s an extra safety precaution so when your seat is fully reclined and you put a newborn in the seat this prevents them from sliding down the seat if that were to happen. Just an extra safety precaution. When you don’t need it, you just go ahead and you tuck it into that pocket underneath the seat down there. Now, this is on both seats, so you have that infant support system on both seats.
Now let’s talk about the five-point harness. It’s an adjustable five-point harness with a very easy to do buckle. All you have to do is give it a slight squeeze and it pops right open. There are independent adjustable calf rests. Goes down like that so when your child’s legs are on it it’s going to set down there and they’re going to set their feet right here. Then, if you want to put it up for the smaller babies, you just snap in each piece like that. They are independent.
Now let’s talk about the recline because it is a really deep recline and that allows you to put the newborn right in the seat. It is a one-handed lever recline. You just squeeze this back here and it goes all the way back to there. That is a very deep recline. Then, to put it up, you juts push and it’s going to snap into place. This is as upright as the seat gets. Can you see that right there? That’s as upright as the seat gets. It is a pretty upright seat as well. Like I said, they each have independent reclines and that is what you want with a side-by-side or any kind of double stroller because think of it this way. If you had a toddler and a newborn, the newborn’s going to need to be reclined but that toddler probably wants to sit up, so it’s good to have the independent reclines.
Let’s go up and look at the canopies. The canopies, there are two independent canopies. They’re large canopies. They look pretty normal this way, but they have a huge pop-out sun visor here that gives them extra protection in the seat. Very large canopies. On the back of the canopies, we have two peekaboo windows that are attached with Velcro. They’re large windows that allow you to see in. Each one of them has it so you can see the children in the seat. They also have a small pocket back here so that you can throw your keys or your wallet or your cell phone.
Now, the handlebars. These are not adjustable, but they are tall. They are 41 inches from the ground to where I place my hands. They are ergonomic, so they are turned in. They’re going to allow for really easy maneuverability on this one. Now, I can turn it one hand as long as there isn’t two large children in the seat. Now, if there’s two 55-pound children in the seat I’m using two hands like with any stroller. But if I had two newborns such as twins, I could easily navigate this with one hand.
Let’s talk about the storage on the G-Link. Now, umbrella strollers usually don’t have a ton of storage, but there is a large basket underneath. You do have the bars going through the middle, but I have my trusty Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag and it will fit. Let me show you how it will fit, though. It’s going to have to stick up, because this is a large diaper bag. That’s the size of the diaper bag. The Ju-Ju-Be fits in like that. Now, that is how I would use my diaper bag with this.
Now, you’re not going to be able to recline the seat, but at least I can get a diaper bag in there and then I could put some other baby essentials over here. I could put a jacket or a blanket. You could fit a small diaper bag all the way in, but this for a medium or large sized diaper bag such as this one, it’s going to have to stick up like that, but I can get it in there. That is the basket underneath. There is also a cup holder that comes with it. You could buy an additional if you wanted, because you can move the cup holder into the center so you could potentially have two cup holders if you wanted to buy an extra one.
Let’s talk about the wheels on the G-Link. The stroller rolls on four sets of six-inch hard rubber wheels. They are double sets of wheels. The front wheels, they are swivel wheels so that they give you good maneuverability, but they have the ability to lock straight with that gray lever right there. That’s so you can take it over a little bit of all terrain. Mommy terrain is what I call it, playground mulch, grass, or small rocks. Then, if you’re just doing everyday things you would let them go free so that they swivel. Now, in the back here there is a one-step break. It’s this red lever right here. You’re going to step down on it to lock the stroller into place and lightly lift up to let it go free.
Now, what I like what they did with the G-Link is that they did not give us six sets of wheels. You might think, “Oh, that might be better. More wheels.” No, it’s not because there’s other strollers on the market that are double umbrella strollers that have a fifth and sixth wheel, one that goes here and one that goes in the front. The problem with that is it kind of affects the maneuverability a little bit. It’s not quite as easy to push as this one. Plus, it gets in the way of your stride. If I were walking with this, the place I’m going to put my foot is right there so I end up kicking that center wheel on those other strollers. I love the fact that they didn’t include it here so I have plenty of stride room. I think they did a really great job on the wheels with this one.
Now, the stroller is 29 and a half inches wide, which means it’s going to get through most doorways. The reason I say most is because it’s inevitable that somebody tries to get their double side-by-side through a closet door or some kind of crazy small door in an old New York City apartment. Now, it might not fit through those, but it will fit through most doorways so you shouldn’t have to worry about that.
Now I’m going to show you how to fold it. You have to just put back your canopies, lock the stroller into place, and there’s a gray lever here. Now, if it’s gray on this stroller it has a function so there is a button you push and then you pull up on this gray lever, and did you see that? It kind of unlocked everything. You give it a little shake like that, go up here, get the front wheels, and just bring them together. Now, that was one lock. Did you hear that? On the other side, that’s the other lock. They’ve also designed it to also have a standing fold, which is really great. Not only did they give us two locks for transporting to make sure it stays together, but it also stands, which is great.
Now, the stroller weighs 25 pounds, which isn’t too bad for a double stroller that fits two newborns. You’re not going to find much lighter if you still want the same kind of quality. It has a carry handle over here. It is definitely doable at 25 pounds. I can easily throw it in my trunk or travel with it. Now, unfolding it, very easy to do as well. You’re just going to go ahead and unlock both of those side locks. There’s one over here, unlock that one, and one over here. Let the wheels fall down like that, step on the back pedal, and it’s easy as that. I do think it is pretty easy to open and close for a double umbrella stroller. Let me tell you, I’ve had other double umbrella strollers where you’re really fighting with it. This one I don’t have to fight with, which I love because I might be fighting with my kid. I don’t know. That is how you open and close it.
Now, this is not a travel system, guys. Yes, you can use it with newborns, which I love, but you cannot use it with infant car seats. Just doesn’t work that way. This is a great stroller, though. It’s the UppaBaby G-Link. I love the fact that they give us these large canopies like this and I can fold them in front of the children if I wanted. I did forget to tell you that, but I could also just pull out that sun visor.
I like the fact that it has tall handles, large weight capacity for the seats at 55 pounds. I like that it comes with a cup holder. I like to bring my Starbucks along. I’m not going to lie. I like the cup holder, and I like that it’s easy to fold and unfold. That’s it. What is your favorite feature of the new UppaBaby -Link? Leave me a comment and let me know. That’s it for me. I’m Hollie from Baby Gizmo. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.


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