Top 12 Most Popular Mexican Baby Names of 2019

With Mexico sharing the border to the US, it is a big surprise that there are not more Mexican names that are topping the popularity charts. What is fun is that the following twelve names seem to be rising in popularity in 2015 and are going to be names that you will cherish and love as much as the country that they are from. These names are all unique but have beautiful and traditional meanings. So if you are a meaning person then these names are going to offer you something that you might have been looking for and not found with most of the modern names that are out there.

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1. Cambria

The name Cambria is one that has been popular in Mexico for a while. This name was originally given to settlers who were coming to Mexico from England and meant “from Wales.” Today this name is very popular in Mexico and making its debut as a popular name here in the US as well.

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