Top 14 Most Popular Italian Baby Girl Names of 2019!

There are so many popular names that are derived from Italy. These Italian names are popular for their own reasons but one thing for certain is that the names are becoming more popular than ever. I have been impressed with some of these that I did not hear until recently. Others are popular but not in the region where I lived so I had not heard of them all. One thing is for certain is that they are all great names to consider for your baby.


The name Edda is one that I would not have probably liked a few years back. It sounds like an old world name but right now with old names trending so much it really does make this a wonderful choice. Additionally it is a great option for you to be able to have a strong little girl as the name means “contending battle.”


Abrianna means “mother of many nations” and has been a very popular Italian name for little girls for a long time. This name is beautiful and just different enough to give your child a creative name but not so different that they will be taunted on the playground.


Madonna used to be a very popular name for Italian girls. This name is one that was also popular in the United States but for different reasons. Today it is gaining popularity again and is becoming a name that is being used for little girls. It is one of the most popular Italian names to be used in the US.


The name Elana is one that has been around for a long time as well. This name means “light” and is a great name for the little girl who means so much to you. I think that this name is cute and I am one that is pretty happy to know that it is being used again.


The name Marcella is one that is beautiful and a very popular name in Italy. The name is a great choice for anyone who is hoping to find a name that is going to show off just how beautiful their little girl is. It is also a great choice for someone who loves the sea or the ocean as it means “defense of the sea.”


The name Karisa is a great choice that means “embrace.” It is a beautiful name and is something that I really enjoy. IT is one of the most fun first names from Italy and one that is seen more now than ever before. I will never forget the first time that I heard this name when I was a little girl. I fell in love then and still love the name now.


So many people have dealt with devastating illnesses with children during their lifetime. If this is a tragedy that has been a part of your life and you are looking for the perfect Italian name for a little girl then the name Valeria is one that you have to check out. This name means “healthy, strong” and is one that can have a whole new meaning to some parents.


The name Diamond is actually topping charts for popularity in the US. One great suggestion if you like this name is to check out a version in a different language. The name Diamonte means “diamond” in Italy. It is just as beautiful as the original name and one that is perfect for any little girl.


Lucinda is a beautiful name called “graceful light” and is a very great choice for someone who is looking for the perfect name for their little girl. This name is one that is strong and beautiful at the same time. Plus there are a wide range of beautiful nicknames that you can give your little girl.


I grew up with one friend named Tasha. I always thought that she had a beautiful and unique name along with it having a gorgeous meaning of “Christ’s birthday.” The name is not one that I have heard much but in recent years I have begun hearing it more. It is one name that I think will remain popular for a lot longer.


Karina is another one of those names that you seem to hear quite a bit. I have been a big fan of the name for years and even considered it as a name for my own daughters. The name means “beloved, dear” and is a very cute choice for any parent. I like that it is a traditional Italian name that has been popular for many years in Italy but is just now becoming popular in the US.


There are a number of names that might not have always been very common or even heard at all in the US that are becoming more popular. The name Rosetta is one of those names and it means “little rose.” It is topping charts at this time as one of the more common choices for a name in the US.


Perhaps the most common Italian name in the US today is Carmela. This name means “garden” and is a great choice. It is a name that makes you think of beauty and the many wonderful women that you might have come into contact with who have shared the name or one of the popular variations (depending on what region of the US you live in, the variation that is most popular can vary).


The name Jemma means “gem or jewel” and is a gorgeous choice for your child. I personally think that this is one of the most beautiful of all of the names that are topping popularity charts from Italy. I have been really impressed with seeing this name more often and love how cute and fun it is.

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