Top 12 Most Popular Hawaiian Baby Boy Names of 2019!

Hawaii is one of the most popular destinations for honeymoons and romance. People travel from all over the world to spend time on these amazing islands. Choosing one of these names for your little boy could mean that you are choosing a name that is going to have a meaning that carries on for years to come, a meaning of the love that you shared in this special place.


Akamu is a very popular name for little boys in Hawaii and it means “formed by God, Earth.” The name is strong but also has a more sensitive side and offers you more.


Akela is probably the most common Hawaiian baby boy name. In fact you have probably heard this name at least once. It is quickly becoming more popular throughout the US. It means “graceful and noble” which is something that we all want our child to aspire to be.


Alika means “guardian” and is a great name for a little boy that you want to be the protector of his siblings. This name is one that is different but common enough that you are going to see it from time to time.


If you want a child that is going to be great at being the boss then this is a great choice for you. This name means “supervisor or overseer” and is a nice name for any little boy that you have high hopes for.


The name Iokepa means “God will increase.” I appreciate this name and think that it is cute and something that I would choose for my own child. I like that it has a common sound but offers a unique name.


Kahale means “a house,” which can carry significant meaning for many. It is a solid name that you will start to see more in the continental US as people hear it and start to choose it for their own children.


“Tree of ebony” is the meaning of the name Kalama. I really find that this is a name that can be appreciated in many different areas. It is one of the choices that I foresee being very popular in the future.


Whether you love or hate Kanye West does not matter when you are choosing the name Kanye for your son. This name means “freedom” which is a meaning that we can all stand behind.


Leolani is another one of the very popular names on the islands. In fact it is another one that tops all of the charts. This name means “heavenly woman” which is confusing because it is the name for a little boy. I am hoping that the heavenly woman is the child’s mom or perhaps a wish for their future bride.


Maleko means “pledged to Mars, warrior” and is another name that is strong and from Hawaii. I want to point out that not all of the names sound really strong from this area but this is one that does. I think that Maleko is a good name and one that you are probably going to be seeing a lot of in the future.


I must admit that I had to take a double take when looking at this name. The name Peni means “a homestead near the bent grass plain.” I think that this name is one that could easily be made fun of so I do not know that I would choose this one. It is cute but it is really close to a part of the male anatomy.


Tua mans “behind or at the back.” It is one of those names that is cute but sounds more like a girl’s name in my opinion. It is actually a name that I had to double check and make sure that it was a boy’s name.

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