Top 12 Most Popular French Baby Girl Names of 2019!

Unique French baby girl names are another one of the most common trends right now. This is something that I do not think is going to go away any time soon. In fact I think that it is trend that is going to forever change the way that we think about naming our children.


This name is one that is unique and beautiful. It is a name that means “grace.” It is unique but has elements of more common names so it is not something that will make your child’s name stand out compared to classmates and friends.


Clea is a name that was used in literature. It is thought to have been derived from the name Cleo. I like that Clea sounds more modern then Cleo and that it is something that has an old world feel without feeling old fashioned.


Danique means “morning star” and is one of the most popular name choices in France. This name sounds a little like the very traditional Danielle but is a lot more interesting and fun. It is a name that seems to be rising in popularity in the US and one that you can pick to be ahead of the times.


The name Elodie is one that I can see becoming very popular. It is really cute and easy to say. It ends in a soft sound which seems to be the most popular choice for names today. It has a meaning of “foreign riches.”


Not the first name that I would have picked out personally but the more that I hear it, the more that I like it. So it is definitely a name that I would choose now. Flavie means “golden, blond.”


Another unique name that is very similar to a popular or traditional American name, Isaline is cute and unique. It has that classic sound that will make it a contender for one of the most popular French names in the future. It is actually the French version of Isabelle which means “pledged to God.”


Maelys means “chief or prince,” which I will admit sounds more like the meaning that you would want for a boy’s name. I think that the name sounds cute and there are a number of more traditional nicknames that you could give your daughter if you pick this one.


I think that the meaning of Maeva, which is “she who intoxicates,” is quite interesting. I really like this name that has an old world feel even though it is completely new.


The name Marguerite is not only pretty and unique, but it also has a great meaning for a little girl. Marguerite means “pearl, daisy” which I find quite simple and beautiful. I like names that I can fall in love with because of their simplicity and still have a depth and complexity that makes them something special.


Severine is a name that I think is very close to a word that I would not want associated with my child, severe. The meaning of Severine is “stern” and, while it is one of the prettiest French names, it seems to be a name that is never going to be too popular.


If you have a love for history and culture then Romane might be the right choice for you. The name means “a Roman” and can bring up thoughts of history when you hear it. It is a nice strong name that can mimic the things that you want to feel for your little one.


The name Prune is the name of a fruit. This fruit is seen throughout the globe but the name seems to have only been popular in France for a long time. There are many people who seem to be bringing this name to the US and helping it quickly rise in popularity here.

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