Top 14 Most Popular Biblical Baby Girl Names of 2019!

The Bible is the one thing that seems to really be trending with baby names in 2015. There are so many cute and unique Biblical names that you have probably not considered for your baby girl. These are name that are going to continue to grow in popularity as they are fun choices that parents are seeming to pick more and more.


Ada means “happy” and is a name that is precious for a little girl. I love this name and think that is both sweet and cute. It will allow your little one to grow up feeling like they have a cool name too since it is a name that is a lot of fun.


There is no known meaning for the name Ahlai. What we do know is the name is seen at least once in The Bible. Since it is a lesser known name and one that is mentioned much, it can be a great way to share your faith with others as they ask about your child’s name. It can also be a great way for your child to share your family’s faith as they get bigger.


Apphia is another lesser known name from The Bible, and maybe even one that you have not heard before. This name is another one that has an unknown meaning. However it is another name that can help you introduce certain topics into conversations casually and can be something that you are going to really cherish and fall in love with as the years go on.


I have to admit that since the word bath is contained in the name Bathsheba that I was a little surprised to learn that there had been a surge in its popularity. I have long thought that this name was fun to say and something that was funny for some. The name means “daughter of the oath.”


The name Damaris means “sweet heifer.” It is a name that I really like how it sounds but the meaning is a little off putting for me. I don’t think that I would want my daughter to be named after a heifer as I can imagine that it would be torture if schoolmates learned that this is what your name meant.


Dinah means vindicated and is a name that is strong but still pretty. This is a great name for anyone who wants a child who is going to mean more to the world . It seems like the type of name that would set your child up for a very successful future.


Esther used to be a very popular name a few generations ago. It was not that long ago at all that the name was popular and there were children everywhere who shared the name. Today it seems like it is coming back quickly and stronger than ever. It is one of those names that continues to rise in popularity and is close to the top of most baby name charts.


The name Eve means “life” and is a name that I have seen more in recent years than ever before. It is a name that continues growing and becoming more popular all the time. It is likely a name that is always going to have a place on the baby charts because there is so much meaning and strength behind it, considering that Eve was supposed to be the mother of all human life.


Hagar might not be a name that I would have chosen a few years ago, but it does seem to be a name that I would choose now. The name means “flight” and is a great choice for parents who are looking for something different and cute.


The name Jezebel might not have had the best reputation in The Bible. In fact the name actually means “worshiper of idols,” but that is not stopping parents from choosing this name more today than ever before. It is a beautiful name that continues to be popular among those who are trying to make their own statement.


The name Michaiah is one that I had not heard before. I honestly just recently saw it topping out one of the baby name charts that I was looking at. I had to look it up to see where it originated and what it meant. There is no known meaning but it does appear to be a modern spin on the previously popular Michelle.


Naarah is another beautiful Biblical name. It is also another name that there is no known meaning for. This name is one that I can see helping your daughter age gracefully and becoming an adult who has a very large heart.


Salome is another name that I have seen but not seen on a frequent basis. I did notice that it is becoming more popular. I think a big reason for the popularity is that it means “peace” and we could all use a little more peace in our lives.


Zilpah is on of those funky and cool Z names. It has a nice solid sound as you say it, yet it is also feminine and you know that it is a name for a little girl. Overall this is a great name that has an unknown meaning but was seen in The Bible a time or two.

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