Top 12 Most Popular Baby Names of 2019 that Start with the Letter “E”

Today there is a trend where names that start with vowels are becoming one of the most popular choices. The letter “E” is no different and offers you a nice range of name choices that are classic, new, and old world. There are so many choices that you can pick from that one of these is certain to be a name for consideration.


Easton is a very popular name that is topping the popular name charts today. This name has no known meaning or origin. I have heard it a few times recently and know that it is sure to be a chart topper for some time.


I really like how the name Edison sounds. It sounds smart to me (probably, because it reminds me of Mr Edison), so it is definitely one of the names that I would be writing down on my list if I were pregnant again. This English name simply means “son of Edward,” but I feel like the name itself could mean much more to you depending on who you were.


Elliot is a Hebrew name that means “Jehovah is God.” This name is becoming popular once again even though it fell from popularity for a while.


When one of my friends chose the name Emerson for her little boy, I wondered why I had not found that name first. Emerson is one of those names that you can not help but fall in love with. The name is from English origins and means “Emery’s son.”


The Scandinavian name Eric is one that has really been topping out popularity charts for generations. I honestly would have thought that this name would fade from popularity but it seems that it is here to stay, and only on the verge of blowing up and becoming more popular again.


Ewan means “well born” and is a Gaelic name. This name is one that I would have thought might sound a little too feminine to become too popular. However it seems that parents like soft sounding names and that this name is one that is going to be very popular for years to come.


The name Eda is one that is very old world. You might not have heard it until recently, but I am sure that you got that same sense of “oldness” when you heard it that I did. Eda means “wealthy” and is Anglo-Saxon. It is a beautiful name that I am going to enjoy hearing as it becomes more popular.


Efia is a very unique and beautiful name. It comes from Ghanese origins and means “born on Tuesday.” It is a name that you are going to really fall in love with the more that you hear it. It is also one name that is sure to be rising towards the tops of the charts.


Elana is one of the most popular names on all name charts at this time. There are so many different spellings of the name that you can choose from. Elana is a Hebrew name that means “beautiful tree.”


Emma is a great choice for a name for your little girl. This name is classic but once again finding popularity. Emma is German and means “universal, all embracing.”


Erika is a Norse name that means “ever powerful.” Erika is a name that I am sure that you have heard. It is another name that has multiple variations and spellings so if you are considering this name, you can choose the one that best fits your needs.


Evelyn is a Celtic name that means “lively, pleasant, live giving.” Evelyn falls into that category of names that were once popular but seemed to fade away. Thankfully this gorgeous name is on a strong comeback.

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