Top 12 Most Popular Baby Names of 2019 that Start with the Letter “C”

I never realized how many amazing “C” names there were until I started putting together this list. In fact, I will admit that it was actually hard to narrow down the list to just twelve of the amazing names that I was coming across. It was also a bit of a struggle as to whether I would mention the classic names that are still popular and have been popular for many years or the new names that are increasing in popularity. I chose to share these newly popular names with you so that you might be able to find something new that you had not thought of before.


Cadence is a gorgeous name for your little girl. In fact I personally know a few Cadences and all of them are absolutely gorgeous girls both inside and out. Cadence is a Latin name that means “melodious, to fall.”


Do you remember when there was a boom in the popularity of the name Colista a generation or so ago? The name boom seemed to happen after a certain actress skyrocketed to success. Today this Greek name is making a strong comeback. I feel like one of the reasons for its newly found popularity is that it means “most beautiful,” and isn’t that how we all want to see our daughters.


Caresse is a French name meaning “beloved.” This name is one that I have always had a fondness for, even when it was nearly unheard of. Today it is increasing in popularity and it seems that more parents are rapidly falling in love.


Carina is another name that I have been fond of for a while. This French name also means “beloved.” Carina is such a strong piece of modern culture and a name that you will find in a lot of popular songs, movies, and books.


I think that Caryn is a gorgeous name. This name is actually the African form of the name Karen. Karen was popular at one time, possibly because it has the meaning of “pure one.” Today Caryn seems to be soaring to the top of the popular name charts and really bringing back this once popular name.


When I was in high school I dreamed of having my own little Cece running around. Cecelia is another name that is cute and one that I feel does not get enough credit. The name means blind and is a variation of the original spelling, Cecillia. There is no known origin for the name.


The Turkish name Candan means “sincerity” and is one of the more popular “C” names for little boys. Candan is a name that is closely related to some of the other more common chart toppers, but that does not mean that it is not soon going to surpass those other names in popularity.


I once knew a kid named Chapman. Ever since my first meeting with him, I have had a special place in my heart for this English name that means “merchant.”


I have a friend who chose the name Corbin for her little boy because it was so original and unique. Today she complains that it is reaching new heights in popularity and that she is hearing it all of the time. Corbin is a French name that means “raven” and “black hair.”


The Celtic name Cullen means “young animal” and “handsome.” I am guessing that the meaning and origin are not the reason for the sudden popularity in this name that almost unheard of. Instead I am guessing that the popular Twilight series is the reason that so many parents are choosing this name.


The name Craig is one that I have heard all of the time since childhood. As I have watched so many names become unpopular from that same time period, it has surprised me that Craig has remained a contender for one of the popular names. Craig is a Celtic name that means “from near the Crag.”


Chip is a fun name for your little boy that is not too serious. Sometimes I feel like a name is just too serious for a child. Chip is English and means “chipping sparrow.”

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