Top 14 Most Popular Baby Names of 2019 That Start with the Letter “B”

There are so many popular “B” names out there that it can be quite difficult to narrow down a list. There seems to be more “B” names than there are names that start with other letters. Perhaps this is because of the way that letter rolls off of your tongue and the way that it easily combines with other letters in a near melodic blend. The following are some of the most popular “B” names that are rising on the charts or topping them.

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1. Balder

The name Balder might not be at the top of the charts yet, but it is rising there quickly. This name originated in Sweden and has the meaning “god of light.” I really like that it is unique but not necessarily different. This means that your kid is not going to get tortured on the playgroup but will also not be confused with someone else.

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