Top 12 Most Popular Baby Names of 2019 That Start with the Letter “A”

“A” names have been popular for quite some time in the US. In fact you probably know a lot of people who have names that start with the first letter of the alphabet. The following twelve are some of the most popular choices of baby names that start with letter “A.”


The name Ace is one that is becoming more common in recent years, but in the past it was a name that was quite common. The name has a Latin origin and means “unity, one, first rate.” It is a name that I feel is fashionably trendy and only going to become more popular in the future.


Adler means “eagle” and is from German origin. The name is one that I feel will be very popular in the near future. More people are looking for older names that seemed to fade away these days and this is one.


There are many names where origins can not be traced to one place. Aidan seems to have both Irish and Gaelic origins. The name means “help, little fire” and is a cute choice for any little boy.


I will admit that it was not that long ago when I first heard the name Asa. This name has Hebrew origins and a powerful meaning of “physician, healer.” It is the perfect name for someone to use if they work in the medical field and are looking for a related name for their son.


I have noticed a huge increase in the popularity of the name Asher in the past few years. The name means “fortunate, lucky, blessed, happy” and has a Hebrew origin. It is a nice solid name choice for a little boy.


Austin means “helpful” and at one point it was one of the chart topping names for little boys. While it has declined since then, it seems that it is on the rise again. Austin has Latin origins.


I love the name Acadia and have fallen in love with it from the moment that I first heard it. This name has a Canadian origination and means “caddie.” While the name was once unique, it is now a chart topper and becoming very popular.


Adeline is an old world name that used to be very common and popular. Today it is again reaching new heights in popularity. Adeline means “noble” and a German origin.


It was not that long ago that Ainsley seemed liked a non-traditional unique name. Recently it seems to have grown more popular each year. It has a Scottish origin and means “my meadow.”


Amelia is a name that seemed to gain popularity a few decades ago but then faded away, almost unheard of. Today Amelia is coming back and is more popular than ever. It means “flatterer, work of the Lord, beloved” and Latin origins.


There are many different spellings of the American name Aryonna. Aryonna is a beautiful name that means “total beauty.” It is one name that you can be sure is going to be around to stay.


It was not that long ago that the English name Ashlynn was unheard of. Today it is slowly climbing the charts and becoming more common. Ashlynn means “beautiful ash tree.”

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