Top 10 Most Popular Baby Names Books of 2019!

5. Baby Names: The Ultimate Collection of the Best Baby Names for Boys, Girls, Their Meansings, and Origins! (Judith Dare)

This book is one that I really like the set up of. I like that it offers you name with meanings and origins and is simple to read and flip through. Some of the reviewers complained about the short length of this book. I like this about the book if you are easily overwhelmed. If you want a lot of names to pick from there are certainly those baby name books out there but this is one that has fewer names. Other complaints were the names that reviewers called “random.” I personally like unique names so this is something that I thought was fun about the book as it took a look at the names that you might not have heard before. The book earned a rating of 3.7 stars by the 22 customers who reviewed the book. The list price is $6.99 but you can pick it up for $6.29.
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