The Top 5 Pregnancy Apps and What They Can Do For You!

The modern mother has tools at her disposal that a woman one hundred or even fifty years ago could only dream about. Pregnancy – yup, there’s an app for that. Satisfy your nesting instinct with one of these high-rating smartphone apps.

The Gerber Pregnancy Calender


While this app offers very standard calendar tools – for example the ability to diarize hospital appointments, save sonogram images and record an audio file of your baby’s heartbeat all in one place – the really fun feature is the Snack Finder. If you’re craving the stereotypical pickles and ice cream, for example, the app can suggest healthy alternatives that will quell your craving quickly. Many women experience strong cravings for sweet, salty, fatty or even inedible things during pregnancy. This app is great for those times when you don’t want to eat something ill-advised on the spur of the moment.

50,000 Baby Names


It can be so much fun naming a baby you might just end up brainstorming names for the whole nine months. This is an easy-to-use interactive database of baby names that lets you keep a list of your favorites, get suggestions based on what you like, and learn about name meanings where available.

Happy Pregnancy Ticker


Your pregnancy may feel like the biggest countdown ever – as the due date approaches, this handy app will help you record all the miraculous changes your body is experiencing week by week. There’s also a journal section to help you save those special thoughts and memories, and the opportunity to hook up with other mothers using the app on the discussion forum. What’s great about this app is you can keep using it after delivery. Just convert it to an ovulation tracker and you can continue using the tools to help you manage your fertility.

I’m Expecting Pregnancy App and Baby Guide


If you only get one app to accompany you through pregnancy, it should be this one. The design and interface are slick and intuitive to use. You may find yourself getting carried away with the virtual scrapbook feature. Keep a digital record of weight changes, symptoms, hospital visits and scans, baby bump pictures and whatever else you can think of. The I’m Expecting forum boasts an impressive bevy of soon-to-be moms who are more than eager to share experiences and advice.

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator


Sometimes, the simplest apps are the best. This one cuts to the chase: when will the baby arrive? You enter the date of your last menstrual period and the app gives you a (likely) due date. If you’re a more minimalist mama, this might be all the information you need.

When you’re experiencing a particularly rough period of morning sickness or wondering whether your swollen feet will ever go back to their usual size, it can be easy to wish you were already at the end of your nine month pregnancy journey. But being pregnant is a special time in a woman’s life and a period you may look back on fondly. These apps might help you get that little bit extra from this exciting time as you’re gearing up to be a mother.


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