Top 5 Best Stroller Wagons (2022)

Stroller wagons have become widely popular among parents with kids in recent years due to their high functionality and versatile usage ranging from outdoor walks on sunny days to long strolls through theme parks. However, much recent debate has come around stroller wagons and the ban that Disney theme park have put on certain sizes. Nevertheless, Kids love them and parents love them, but what makes a good stroller wagon? Our team has combined months of research to provide you with our top 5 picks on the best stroller wagons of 2020. This guide offers features, specifications and ratings for each product that we reviewed to make your choice easier!

We have examined each parameter of a stroller wagon to ensure that you make the best buy. We have given an overall rating of the five stroller wagons below by gathering the top desired specs and assigning a point value for each category. The list below has them ranked from best to worse depending on the total points they received for each category. The stroller with the most points received the highest rating from our analysts.


1 EvenFlo Pivot Xplore

Our top-rated stroller wagon, the new EvenFlo Pivot Xplore, said to be the “ultimate ride share stroller” able to accommodate one or two kids up to 5 years old. This stroller wagon provides a versatile design where it easily transforms from a stroller to a wagon by the simple flip of a handle. This product was awarded the “Parents Best for Baby Award 2020” for its innovative design allowing it to be pushed like a stroller or pulled like a wagon, with optional toddler seat and car seat adapter. What makes this stroller wagon the best of the bunch, and our top pick?

Quality – 4
The quality of this product is one of the best we have seen in the stroller wagon industry. It is simply the top of the line when it comes to its durability, fabrics, and quality of materials used in the frame, handlebars, and accessories.

Design and fold – 5
This product features one of the most innovative designs we have seen in a stroller wagon. From its capability to flip from a push stroller to a pull wagon and compact fold and one-step unfold system, it is sure to impress even the most seasoned parents. The stroller also offers their innovative drop-down feature which allows your young kids to climb into the wagon with ease. it is able to be folded and stowed away quite easily. Although it doesn’t have one-hand folding capabilities, it is a very simple and easy to fold the Evenflo Pivot Xplore, as demonstrated in the video below.

Wheels and maneuverability – 5
The EvenFlo Pivot Xplore wagon features rugged all terrain wheels which give it the ability to roll on pavement, beach, and park. The 27” wide design allows it to fit easily through standard width doors. With treaded tires and large 12-inch tires, this stroller wagon is easily maneuverable even with maximum allowed weight capacity.

Canopy/seating – 5/3
This product offers an innovative dual-canopy design, with two separate adjustable canopies offering UPF 50+ protection for your children from harshest sun rays. The canopies are fully retractable and are even able to reverse the color, they also include mesh canopy windows. As far as seating goes, there are two 3-point straps for each child and comfortable padded seats on the inside.

Weight – 2
The stroller wagon itself weighs 34.7 pounds.

Handlebars- 5
The handlebars are 3-position telescope which allow parents to find a comfortable position when taking a stroll through the park. The most exciting part about this stroller wagons handlebars is the flip feature demonstrated in the video which allows it with from push stroller to pull wagon in seconds. The handlebar height is tied for the highest of the products we tested at 43”.

Storage – 4
The Evenflo Pivot Xplore has some of the biggest dimensions of any of the stroller wagons that we tested, while also boasting large integrated storage spaces on the inside and outside which can be used for just about anything. Each seat can hold a child up to 55 pounds or 120 pounds of total storage. This stroller wagon also comes with a child tray for drinks and snacks which sits in middle and acts as a divider as well. Finally, this product also comes with a large storage basket which can be attached on the back or front of the stroller.

Car seat attachment – 4
This product conveniently accepts toddler and car seats with an adapter, although sold separately, this is a great feature for parents with toddlers or infants and offers versatility and flexible seating arrangements.

Price – 4
$349.99. A great price for its caliber of stroller wagon and all the features that it has. However, the car seat feature and adapter are not included and could cost an additional $220.

Where to Buy?
Link to Amazon or Evenflo website

Why We Like it?

We absolutely love this stroller wagon due to its innovative design features and versatility. One of the most unique parts about this stroller is its ability to transform from push to pull with one simple step. The quality and design are outstanding as well as the storage and seating of the stroller. Easy fold, sun protective canopy, flip-flop friendly brakes, so much to love. They’ve really thought of everything a parent would need in a stroller wagon and all at a reasonable price point.

Keenz 7s
Our second stroller wagon on the list is a favorite of most active families with young kids. It sits up to two little passengers and combines safety and utility, designed for a fun day at a sporting event, beach or theme park. The Keenz 7s includes many features and an easy-to-fold mechanism.

Quality- 3
A solid and dependable aluminum frame coupled with a tough polyester fabric offers parents with a durable stroller wagon option in the Keenz 7s. This product offers strong 900D polyester fabric which can be taken off and washed, and the quality of the brake mechanism, handlebars and wheels is quite good.

Design and fold – 3
The design of the 7s is rather square and bulky, however this means that it is quite roomy and comfortable for the little ones. Its design, although not as innovative as the Evenflo, has some great features including its fold mechanism which makes it surprisingly compact for its size. Furthermore, the dual handles add a nice touch which allows the wagon to be either pulled or pushed. In terms of folding the Keenz is able to fold quite easily and rather compactly for its large size. It is not a one-hand fold mechanism but once folded it only measures 30×12 inches and comes with a travel cover. It has a total weight of 32 pounds.

Wheels and Maneuverability – 3
The Keenz 7s has a similar wheel setup to that of the Evenflo with large fixed wheels at the back and smaller swivel wheels on the front. This stroller wagon offers 4-wheel suspension with 7.28- inch front wheels and 11-inch back wheels with some tread. Because of its size, the keen 7s is not the most maneuverable wagon we tested, struggling on wider turns. However, the front wheels do have a lock capability to keep them from swiveling when turning isn’t necessary.

Canopy/seating – 3/3
A large peaked canopy can be added on to the wagon to protect from the elements however not advertised as UPF protective. It features two 5-point harnesses and padded seating which keep small riders safe and comfy. The wagon accommodates up to 110 pounds but doesn’t have a footwell meaning the children have to share the leg space in the middle.

Weight – 4
This stroller wagon weighs 32 pounds, which is quite light for its size.

Handlebars – 4
It features a dual handle design, meaning that it has a handle on each side of the stroller allowing you to push from one side, and pull from the other. The handlebars are adjustable to 10 different positions with a handlebar height of 43”. They are made of a brown rubber material making them almost appear leather-like.

Storage – 3
The great part about this stroller wagon is its storage capabilities. It comes with a cup holder, large storage basket, as well as a grey cooler bag which becomes essential for hot days at the beach. The storage basket also has a shoe compartment at its base.

Car seat attachment – 2
This product does not come with a car seat attachment making it less tailored to parents with toddlers and infants.

Price – 3
$389.99. A rather pricey option however many parents find it worth the extra cost due to it being well-reviewed and ASTM safety certified.

Where to buy?

Why We like it!
We like the Keenz 7s for its durability, safety and great storage space! The wagon itself is made of strong materials and we enjoyed the versatility of the two-separate push-pull handles.

3. Veer Cruiser
The Veer Cruiser is the most complete stroller we tested, boasting the comfort and premium of a high-end with the versatility and durability of a wagon. It also meets ASTM standards and is JPMA certified to ensure your child’s safety. This wagon is suitable for ages 0-5 and even above five years old, making it a great choice for growing children.

Quality – 5
The quality of this stroller wagon was the best that we tested. From the frame to the fabrics and pull handlebar, all materials were high-quality and extremely durable. However, what it achieved in quality it seemed to lack in comfort, with some of the materials being almost too rugged, especially on the interior, but don’t less this take too much away from how premium this wagon really is.

Design and fold – 4
It had one of our favorite designs of the stroller wagons we tested, putting a modern spin to the classic children wagon. The Veer cruiser just looks good, it looks sturdy too, like it can navigate any kind of terrain. Our favorite part of the design? The fold. It folds very compactly and almost flat which allows it to fit into almost any trunk. Everything just seems to fold perfectly and the design is very well thought out.

Wheels and Maneuverability – 4
The front and back wheels are all-terrain with large size and rugged tread, suitable for any family adventure. The tires are airless and are made of aircraft-grade aluminum and robotic welds. They also feature a patented wall system and front suspension which ensures a comfy ride and great braking capability. It can turn and pivot rather well and as the ability to be pushed or pulled. It can also navigate tight corners, however, it does require some strength to operate effectively with one hand.

Canopy/seating – 1/2
The Veer cruiser only comes with an optional canopy which is rather disappointing for the high price point of the product. Nevertheless, in terms of seating it offers seats for two with 3-point harnesses and vented seat backs for breathability. Each seat is suitable for up to 55 pounds (a little more than some of the other wagons) and has a rubber bottom which is good for catching dirt and sand.

Weight – 3
The Veer Cruiser weighs 32.5 pounds which is quite light considering all of the premium materials it uses and the features it has.

Handlebars – 3
It has a single traditional handle which can be used to push, pull or pull-along, and it is adjustable up to 43”. The handlebar has two cupholders attached to it and it can be locked in a fixed position where it doesn’t drag or lie on the ground.

Storage – 2
It offers four storage wells for toys or drink box and a snack and drink tray included which also doubles as a divider between the two kids. This wagon can accommodate up to 6 cupholders, however, only two are included. It also has 6 interior mesh pockets which provide additional storage. One thing it did lack was the a storage bin or basket but we later found out that this can be purchased optionally on their website.

Car seat attachment – 5
One of the best parts about this stroller wagon. This was the most car seat compatible wagon we tested, with the purchase of a car seat adapter (sold separately), almost any major brand of car seat can safely fasten to the frame of the veer cruiser. We loved how easily it accommodated an infant and honestly how good it still looked at the same time.

Price – 1
$599.99 (without the options). This was basically the only downside to this stroller wagon. The premium design and quality, along with the safety certifications do come at a price. And on top of this, many of the features found in other stroller wagons (such as a storage basket, cooler or even canopy) aren’t included. You can just about get anything you need for this wagon, but at a rather hefty cost.

Where to buy?

Cruiser Accessories

Why We like it!

We really love this stroller wagon; it looks great, moves great and is built to last. Our favourite part about this ultra premium stroller wagon is its customizability. Almost anything you could think of can be added on to the Veer Cruiser, and their website even lets you customize the color and pattern or your wagon but unsurprisingly, at an extra cost.

4. Wonderfold Baby W4 Multi-function Quad Stroller
The wonderfold Baby W4 stroller wagon is the most spacious wagon that we reviewed. With the largest amount of space and carrying capacity, this stroller wagon is perfect for larger families with young kids or for young children and their friends. However, this stroller wagon isn’t just big; it offers many great features that bring ease to parents during a day at the park while being functional and surprisingly maneuverable.

Quality- 2
The materials used in this stroller are mainly hard plastics and fabric, and while the frame is made of metal, it doesn’t seem to be as sturdy as the aluminum and steel we have seen in the other products reviewed. The sides of the carriage are mesh panels which do provide good ventilation but are less durable than strong fabric.

Design and fold – 2
We loved the roomy design of this stroller wagon, the large canopy, easy fold, and one-brake system. Our favorite part of this design is the front zipper door which allows easy access for storage and for the kids to climb in. Although the folding is a one-step process the final product is rather bulky and tough to fit in the back of a car. But keep in mind, this stroller does offer the most seating and storage, meaning that it uses the most materials and has the largest dimensions. We were very impressed with how easily it folded with a simple push of the buttons and a lift up.

Wheels and Maneuverability – 1
The wheels on the Wonderfold are heavy duty 8-inch wheels at the front and 10-inch at the back with suspension and bearings, providing easy maneuverability (for such a big stroller), and a smoother ride. The wheels are EVA foam tires meaning that they never need to be pumped!

Canopy/seating – 4/4
This stroller wagon offers a large, UV resistant, reversible canopy which can be adjusted to block the sun from any angle. The seats have adjustable straps with 5-point harnesses, and they can also be removed for easy cleaning of the wagon and the fabrics. It has two seats on each side which face each other and a footwell for better comfort and leg space.

Weight – 1
The wonderfold W4 is the heaviest stroller wagon we reviewed at almost 50 pounds.

Handlebars – 1
The handlebars on this stroller wagon are padded and adjustable and can also be removed. Although it does not have pull handlebars, there is an optional strap which can be attached to the stroller for pulling capability.

Storage – 5
This stroller wagons biggest draw is its space and storage. The 19-inch deep carriage keeps the kids comfortable and safe while also providing additional storage room under the seats. A detachable rear facing basket is included along with extra pockets on the sides of the body. The deep carriage allows the stroller wagon to double as a playpen or crib when the seats are removed.

Car seat attachment – 3
Although this stroller wagon doesn’t have a car seat attachment, it is very suitable for families with toddler or infants since the carriage itself can be used as a moving baby crib, even while a seat is attached.
Price – 2
$549.99 This is the most expensive stroller we reviewed which brought its rating down a little bit, however, this does not come as a surprise as it does offer more seating and space than any of the other products.

Where to buy?
Why We like it!

This product is a beast of a wagon and it can maneuver almost any terrain while carrying up to four kids, that’s hard to beat. Even with its size it is more than capable of fitting through standard doors, and we love its adjustable and sun protective canopy.

5. Radio Flyer convertible stroller wagon
The convenience of a stroller and adventure of a wagon. This particular model is the updated version with improved wheels and maneuverability yet at a similar price point. This is a classic kid wagon brand offering their best bid into the modern stroller wagon market. The convertible stroller model is brand new and outperformed their older models, therefore it received a spot on our top 5 list.

Quality- 1
Although it maintained a similar look to its predecessors, Radio Flyer made some rather great updates to their already popular wagon, and we are here for it! We believe that they stepped up their game in the quality department with this great product. It features DuraClean 2.0 fabric which is their highest quality fabric yet, durable and easy to clean. Although the quality has gotten better, it isn’t quite in the same class as the other products we tested, but it does come at a lower price point.

Design and fold – 2
The Radio Flyer is designed with some thoughtful features for both the kids and parents. We loved how this stroller wagon can transform into a bench seat for a picnic in the park. The stroller itself has a great size to it and the fold is compact and easy. With one hand fold and easily removable canopy, we really liked some of the design features.

Wheels and Maneuverability – 2
With large 12” rear wheels and swivel front wheels, this wagon can be pushed like a wagon or pulled like a stroller. The wagon is very maneuverable and has nimble steering from either side. The wheels have very little tread and wouldn’t be considered all-terrain; however they do manage most surfaces pretty well. There is a large rear brake which can be operated easily with just one foot.

Canopy/seating – 2/1
A large canopy with retractable poles is a nice touch when the canopy is not needed. It is UV protective and the fabric can be rolled up and cleaned easily. The wagon is for ages 1+ with a weight capacity of 120 pounds and seats for two. With 5-point safety harnesses your young one will be safe and secure. There is back padding but no designated seat meaning that your child is sitting directly onto the fabric.

Weight – 5
The Radioflyer Convertible weighs 31.3 pounds.

Handlebars – 2
As mentioned, there are two handlebars, one is a fold away push handle which is adjustable to different positions, and a “never-fall” pull handle for one hand.

Storage – 1
There is not as much storage as we would’ve liked but the entire wagon itself is very suited for carrying things back from a farmer’s market for example. There is no storage bin or exterior pockets, but it does feature two large cup holders.

Car seat attachment – 1
There is no car seat attachment for this stroller wagon, and it doesn’t seem like it could accommodate an infant or toddler very well.

Price – 5
$149.99. This is the biggest plus for this stroller wagon, it has the lowest price of any of the products we tested and is honestly great value for the money with its features.
Where to buy?

Why We like it!
We really like how the quality of the Radio Flyer convertible has improved from previous models like the 3-in-1. Our favorite part about this stroller wagon is the bench seat feature which really can come in handy and is fun for the kids. The stroller is really well priced and a great budget option for parents looking for a wagon at a lower price point.

Point totals:
1. Evenflo 41/50
2. Keenz 31/50
3. Veer 30/50
4. Wonderfold 25/50
5. Radioflyer 21/50

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