Top 28 Most Popular Baby Middle Names of 2019

Picking one name can be hard enough. However parents not only have to pick out one name for their child but they are expected to come up with an appropriate middle name. There are so many things that parents stress over with the middle name…will it sound good with the first name…does it offer enough style to be cute….will my child get made fun of for this middle name…and more. So why not take a second to look at the top 12 middle names of 2015 and see if any of these jump out to you.

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1. Blaze

I personally love the middle name Blaze. There are few first names that these do not go with this middle name. It is strong and cute and unique enough that it is going to be a great choice for your little one. The name is from English origins. It is a modern version of a long favorite name from England.
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