Top 10 Best Lightweight Double Strollers of 2019 for Disney World | Rated & Reviewed

If you’re headed to Disneyland or Disney World with more than one kid that will need to go into a stroller, you are probably wondering which stroller will be best for you! There’s nothing worse than being at Disney and having exhausted kids that don’t want to ride in the stroller when it’s time.

When considering which double baby stroller will be best for you, you need to think about how well your children will nap in the stroller how comfortable they will be, how larger the canopies, and one thing many parents forget to consider is how lightweight is the stroller and how easily will it be to fold it when it comes time to jump on one of the buses or monorails.

Here’s a list of the top 10 best lightweight side-by-side double strollers that we suggest you consider when trying to find the perfect one for Disney!

Zoe XL2
the stroller weighs only 16 pounds! That’s less than most lightweight single strollers way! So most double strollers that are this light weight completely lack most of the other features you would want when strolling your kids around Disney. That is not true with the Zoe XL to. The designers of the stroller or parents of four kids, two of which are twins, and have been to Disney many many times. The XL two has huge canopies, a deeper Klein, all kinds of included excess trees that come for free with the stroller including a belly bar, a parent cupholder, one child snack cup, to child drink holders, one travel sleeve, and just about everything else you will need! The stroller is ranked number one on our list for many reasons that we could talk about all day! The best part about Zoe strollers is that they have free return shipping! So if you’ve never seen the stroller in person or tried it, you can order one from Zoe and give it a try inside your home and if you don’t like it you just let Zoe know and they will send you a prepaid return label. That’s how confident they are in their products!

Baby jogger city mini double
you may also want to consider the baby jogger city miny double. You would want to consider the stroller if you have infants that will be riding in the stroller that are below six months of age, you need a stroller that has car seat compatibility, or you’re looking for one that is just a little bit bigger and heavier and full size.

UppaBaby G-Link
The uppababy G link is a new double stroller from uppababy that is basically the G-Luxe times two. From our experience the stroller is very heavy and cumbersome to fold just like other typical umbrella strollers, but it is high quality and feels very sturdy. Upper baby is one of those brands that is very popular and trendy so many people default to their products. This is one that you should at least consider.

Graco Fast Fold

The Graco fast fold is a inexpensive option.

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