Top 10 best baby walkers of 2017 for hardwood floors

If you are looking for the best baby walker for your hardwood floors, we have great news for you! I must all baby walkers have hard plastic wheels, but they are typically wrapped in soft rubber. Usually the entire wheel is wrapped in a soft rubber and higher-end baby walkers, but even then lower and opening price point baby walkers there’s typically a strip of soft rubber that wraps around the center of the hard plastic wheel which serves two purposes. On one hand it will help the baby walker have some grip when rolling around hard surface floors such as hardwood floors. Also, it will serve as possible protection against damage that baby walkers could cause to hardwood floors, especially dark stained hardwood floors. To this rubber protection on the wheels of baby walkers typically comes standard, but you probably want to check to make sure the baby walker that you are going to purchase has this feature. If it does, obviously we can’t guarantee that your hardwood floors won’t get damaged and that your baby walker have good grip while rolling on the hardwood floors, but this feature is pretty much necessary to have the best shot at achieving both of these goals.
So ultimately the answer to the question which baby Walker is best for hardwood floors is answered by a similar question which is which is what is the best baby walker that has rubber coated wheels?

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