Spanish Pre-Teen Honored as Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Carlos Perez Naval always takes his camera long when he accompanies his parents on their worldwide travels. This hobby has paid off handsomely for the 9-year old youngster from Spain when he was recently recognized by the National History Museum in London as winner of their Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition in the Young Wildlife Photographer category.

Carlos began his photography career at the tender age of 4, using an inexpensive compact camera which he has since traded in for more professional camera equipment, including new and more sophisticated lenses every year. Among the wildlife he has photographed on his travels have been a grizzly bear, a scorpion, a crocodile, a jaguar, snakes and songbirds, all in their natural habitat. When not photographing wildlife on the road, he keeps his photographic skills sharp by taking photos of the flowers and creatures inhabiting his own backyard.

How cool is this!? It’s so cool to see such a young kid find his passion at such a young age and what great parents to support him! Check out some of his pictures below!


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