Millions of Turkeys Recalled! Is Your Family Safe? Duped!

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We totally just got duped!!

We were researching news about Thanksgiving this morning and ran into a breaking news story that millions of turkeys had been recalled! Oh no we thought!! We have to get this out to our readers before they bite into their turkeys tomorrow!! Well, we were completely duped. Turns out that this viral story is all over the internet and was posted on a fake news website and the number was posted to basically harass a religious/political organization. In summary, the story is completely fake and part of a big hoax!

SO… lesson learned – don’t get duped like us!!

Here’s a modified version of our original post from earlier today:

The CDC has confirmed that millions of turkeys have been recalled due to a form of the human influenza virus that previously was thought to lack the ability to infect humans, but has recently developed the ability to move from bird hosts to humans! Gross!!

They are not mentioning any particular brands, but they are asking that everyone call the 24/7 hotline (number removed) that the CDC has set up. It sounds like the only way to tell if your turkey is infected is to cook it and see if certain parts turn green that they mention here. Yuck!!

Make sure to share this with your family and friends so they aren’t duped too! Obviously you should still make sure to follow standard turkey sanitation and cooking standards, but hopefully now you can enjoy your turkey without worry tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving!!


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