Maclaren Volo Stroller Reviews

The Maclaren Volo is a staple when it comes to lightweight, urban, travel strollers. It has long been known as the leader in this category and if you’ve ever been to New York City, you know that it is extremely popular in big city environments where there’s subways, taxis, buses, and lots of pedestrian traffic. We’ve included a few very detailed video reviews of the Maclaren Volo from YouTube below. Hopefully this page will serve as a resource to help you figure out if the Volo is the right umbrella stroller for you!

Professional Review #1:

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Hi everyone. Melissa here. Welcome to Cloud Mom where [inaudible 00:13] baby looking at strollers. Such an important thing for you to think about in terms of how you’re going to get the baby around and what you’re personal needs are, so there’s so many options. Really, this is really a great option I have in front of me now.

This is the Maclaren Volo Stroller. This has been around a long, long time. People like Maclaren. They like the reliability of the Maclaren brand. Okay, there’s a couple really important things about this stroller. This stroller will take your baby from six months all the way up to 55 pounds. It’s very, very light. It weighs under nine pounds. It’s one of the lightest strollers in the marketplace.

I’m going to quickly look at some of the features of this Volo stroller. Okay, it has a very generous, nice sun canopy here that can really spread out wide. The way you lock it in place is by pushing down here. Here’s how you’re going to get the stroller to collapse. This is your brake. It’s also what’s going to allow you to collapse your stroller.

When you want to collapse your stroller you’re going to push up a little bit on this brake and then you’re going to put your foot right there on this little black piece and you’re going to press it down and you’re going to push the handlebars in and collapse the stroller like this. Watch. Duck, duck. That’s it. This is nine pounds, people. I mean, come on.

You cannot argue with that. So light. When I want to release the stroller I’m going to go here to the safety latch. I’m going to unlatch it and I’m just going to throw it out into position like this. Just loosen it up like that and then you put your foot here and you press down on the brake to get the stroller back into place. Make sure it clicks.

Okay, a couple other things. You do have a five point harness here. Some people feel that the back is a little bit flimsy. It doesn’t have a ton of support, but in most cases they do find that it’s adequate. Here is the latch. It’s similar to what you’ll find on other Maclaren strollers. Okay? Some people find this to be a bit sticky. Really what you need to do is you need to press in both from the back and from the front using your thumb and your forefinger and do this at the same time like this. Okay?

Hold in and press. Duck, duck. That’s how it works. Okay. What do people say about the Maclaren Volo? What do they like about this stroller and what are some of the things that people would prefer would be different? The recline. People talk a lot about the recline. This is not an umbrella stroller that gives you the possibility of having your baby both in an upright position and reclined, so keep that in mind.

Number two, cushioning. You don’t have a lot of extra padding here. What you have is one piece of very stable fabric to hold your baby in place, so that’s something to think about. The other thing people look at and talk about is the storage. I actually think this is quite good storage. This basket is fairly generous for an umbrella stroller. You can fit quite a few things in here.

The canopy. The canopy is popular. It’s very generous for an umbrella stroller of this type, so your baby will get a lot of sun coverage with this canopy. There are strollers that are more high end and highly priced that go down even further than this, but this is a pretty good canopy especially for the price.

Okay, so very versatile stroller. Very easy to transport, easy to maneuver. It’s got that wonderful shoulder strap and from a 100 to $130 it might be a really, really great bet for you. Consider it. I have had a Maclaren since 2005 through five babies. I’ve never had an issue, never broken, been very happy with it so I do think it’s a good brand. Thank you so much for joining Cloud Mom and I really look forward to seeing you next time.[/learn_more]

Professional Review #2:

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Giggle loves – Under 9 pounds, folds in five seconds, and can hold a child up to 55 pounds. Need we say more? Here’s why Giggle loves the Maclaren Volo.

The Benefits – Maclaren has been making quality umbrella strollers for decades and are known for their quick and easy fold. The Volo is the lightest of their line, appropriate for children 6 months and up offering the ultimate in light-weight reliability. The perfect travel companion, you can just roll up to the gate with a toddler and then gate check. Once it’s folded you just throw it on your back using the convenient carry strap. Quick, easy, and light, that’s the Volo. Now let’s talk features.

The Features – One move collapse, that’s the easiest around. Excellent maneuverability, especially over time versus similar lightweight options. Five point harness on a breathable mesh seat that is removable and washable for comfort and safety of your baby. Large storage basket for all the extras of parenting. Carry handle for portability when folded. There’s a line of accessories available as well. Universal organizer adds extra storage and cup holders. A travel bag in case you don’t want to gate check your stroller. Reversible seat liner is a fashion option, but also interchangeable for easy care and upgrades your stroller from one child to the next.

Who We Think It Is Perfect For – Traveling parents love the Volo especially when getting on a plane since you can just roll it through the airport and then gate check. It’s also a great solution for parents that need to get out and about on the streets a lot with little ones who are too big to carry when they run out of steam, but still little enough to get tired on errands. The trade off is there’s no recline so a napping baby can’t lie back. If that’s important, you should check out the Quest from MacLaren which reclines.


Professional Review #3:

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Hey everyone. Today I’m doing a review of you of a stroller, and you can tell it’s an umbrella stroller. We bought this stroller for a trip to Disney. We actually bought it … You have to have some background knowledge here before you understand why we ended up spending this much on a stroller. We have a little girl who is 5, and we knew that she was not going to want to walk the whole time we were on the trip. She gets tired, and there is a lot of walking involved at Disneyworld. I went online looking for a stroller that would hold a child that weighs 45 pounds because that’s what my daughter weighs. Most strollers, umbrella strollers and even the bigger travel type strollers, only go up to about 30 pounds so we knew it wouldn’t be big enough to hold her.

What I found when I went through the websites was that the Maclaren Volo is about the only one that will hold a child that big. It actually goes up to 55 pounds. When I looked on the Babies R Us website, they were $114, and I thought, “There is no way that I’m spending $114 on a stroller,” but I ended up checking around and actually found this one on eBay for about half the price. It was still brand new. It was still in the box, so we did go ahead and get it.

As you can see it’s an umbrella stroller. It just unfolds like that. The nice thing about it is that it has a 5-point harness so you can use it on smaller infants as well as older children. It also has a basket underneath, which most umbrella strollers don’t have. That’s great especially when we are on vacation. We’ll be able to stuff down in there, diaper bags, purchases, things like that. The other great thing about this stroller, most umbrella strollers, the handles are down real low, which isn’t that big of a deal for me because I’m 5’1″, but if you’re taller, you’re almost hunched over to push the stroller. This one, you can see the handles are up higher. They’re padded. They’re a lot easier to use.

The other great thing about this stroller, a lot of umbrella strollers are ridiculously hard to push. They don’t turn well. They don’t steer well. I spend half my time when we’re using our regular umbrella stroller kicking on the wheels to get it to turn the right way. This stroller, you don’t have to do that with. It steers so well. It steers as well as our big huge travel stroller. It’s so compact and easy to carry around. If you are looking for a stroller for a bigger child, or if you have a smaller child, you just want a small compact, umbrella-type stroller that will fit in your trunk that works great and is easy to steer, I would highly recommend the Maclaren Volo.


Professional Review #4:

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Hi, my name’s Erica with, and today I’m going to be reviewing the Maclaren Volo. We’ve already reviewed the Triumph and the Quest, so I’m going to make some comparisons, but feel free to check out those reviews on our website as well.

This is kind of the most baseline of the Maclaren umbrella strollers, but it is the most lightweight at 8.6 pounds. It does come with some great features, but it is missing a few that the Quest and the Triumph come with. You want to make sure that you compare all three before you make a final purchase.

First I’m going to talk briefly about the convenience features. This comes with a one-handed fold, and it also comes in a bag with a carry strap, so if you’re going to be using public transportation, or moving it around a lot you can strap it on your shoulder and carry it around. It also comes with a nice sized shopping basket in the back here, which is a very nice feature.

In terms of comfort, it does come with mesh seat, there is no padding on the seat, but it does have an adjustable 5-point harness for comfort. It does not have the pull out leg rest like some of the other Maclaren models have, but it does have a foot rest here for your child to rest it’s feet on.

It does have a very, very smooth ride, and it comes with a linked parking break in the back that you use with your foot. In the front it does come with lockable swivel wheels, so that if you’re on more turbulent terrain the wheel drives straight front and back.

Now there are a couple of cons that come with the Maclaren Volo. Some of that is that it’s missing some of the features that the higher end models do have. If you’re looking for some of those features the Volo might not be the best stroller for you.

First of all, the seat is not padded as all, as I mentioned. It is a mesh seat, which is washable, but if you’re looking for more of a comfortable, if you’re going to be using the stroller on longer trips, this might not be the best option for you.

As I said before, it does not have the pullout leg rest. If you’re using this with a smaller baby their legs are going to be dangling, it’s not going to be as comfortable of a ride for them. It also does not have any sort of recline feature, whereas the Triumph and the Quest do have a recline feature. You’re kind of stuck in this position. However, it does have a very nice size canopy. This canopy actually looks a little bit bigger to me than the the Quest or the Triumph, so that’s a nice feature, and of course, it does retract back.

Again, my name is Erica with, and this is Maclaren Volo. I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. Have a great day.[/learn_more]

Professional Review #5:

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Speaker 1:       Hi, welcome to Stroller Depot research facility. Today we’re looking at the Volo.

Speaker 2:       This is the Volo from Maclaren, a very well known stroller that’s been on the market for years. It weighs only 8.6 pounds and can carry a child from 6 months up to 35 pounds. The Volo also features 41 inch high foam sport handles. The seat of the Volo is fixed in a natural recline position. It has washable mesh material. The Volo features a large rain and sun canape, a relatively large basket underneath the seat and a rain cover. To fold the Volo, first release and compress the canape, pull up on the trigger in the back, push down on the lever on the right side, push the stroller down. It will then self lock and comes with a convenient carry strap.

Speaker 1:       Let’s go then.

Speaker 2:       We’re showing the Volo by Maclaren in the pink color today. You can go to and search for item 0913 to find other colors and other great products from Maclaren.

Speaker 3:       Remember. If you [inaudible 00:01:17]


Professional Review #6:

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Speaker 1: Television

Introducing the MacLaren Volo. The push chair is suitable from 6 months up to 15 kilos which is about a 3 – 4 year old. It does come complete with its rain cover and that just velcro’s around the back. It goes over the edge of the hood and you can’t get it wrong because it is shaped so that it goes over there. Then you’ve got two attachments on the bottom so it does completely cover over where the foot rest is.

You’ve got a fully adjustable hood and just lifting that up will allow that to go back or down. Also on the back of your hood it does roll up and what it allows you to do is this velcro on the back so that will secure that well out of the way. If it’s a really nice, sunny day it allows the airflow to go through. Alternatively, if it’s not quite such a nice day, that drops down and you have got two [inaudible 01:04] on the side that will secure that into position.

We’ve got twin puttied handles on here and going on to the inside of your push chair, you’ve got a five-point harness. You’ve also got two positions on the back of your seat unit so as a smaller child, that would go there, and then obviously as they get taller, that would go onto the higher position. Foot rest is here and you’ve also got lockable, swivel wheels so releasing that off and have it on release for when you’re going around shops. Then if you are going out over heavier grounds, say grass, gravel, cobbles, or sand, lock of your front wheels gives you much better suspension.

Going back into the inside of your push chair, it is fully aerated either side. If you haven’t had a MacLaren before, they have slightly altered the clasp to open it. It’s the round disc that’s in the center, but it’s not just squeezing on the top, you have to squeeze front and back. It’s quite a nice, loud click for when we do squeeze it back into position. Just to make sure that you have got it in the right place, one loud click and two loud clicks to make sure it’s nice and secure. Again, all fully adjustable.

There’s no recline on it so it is in this one set position. We have got a shopping basket on the back here as well. Braking system is left for on and right for off. To fold it down, you’ve actually got a carrying strap on the back here and I find it just as easy to use that, pulling up. If you wanted to you could put your foot underneath, but it’s just as easy to use the strap. Foot on the right hand side you’ll hear a click and then just squeeze all the way down and that locks off on the right hand side. That’s your carrying strap so if you do want to pop that over your shoulder you can. Alternatively carry it with your handles or just wheel it.

To open up, release off your safety catch, shake away, and then foot on the bit on the back, locks this back out and that’s your MacLaren Volo.


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