LEGO 76058 Review & Giveaway – Spider-Man Ghost Rider Team Up – Marvel Super Heroes – Speed Build & Time Lapse 2019

LEGO 76058 – Spiderman – Ghost Rider Team Up

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This set is pretty cool and really gives you the ability (on a budget) to re-build a cool scene with Spider-Man, Ghostrider, and Hobgoblin! It was a pretty easy and straight forward build. The motorcycle is really cool and I was surprised at how thick and durable the tires were when assembling them! If you have a Marvel Superheroes (Especially Spiderman) fan in the house, this is a great little set to add to their collection!

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This is Lego’s Spider-Man: Ghost Rider Team-up, and I think it’s a pretty cool set. Let me show you why. Ghost Rider’s bike here is quite very flametastic. It was an interesting build. Goes together like not quite anything else I’ve built from Lego. I really like these overlapping elements that ook like scales. They have a set of those in the back here that are leaned back for an extension from the seat back that just barely give them enough room to get there. They use horn elements or claw elements for the handlebars. Big old tire in the back of course gives it plenty of stability so it’s not going to fall over on its own. However, it is able to be turned over a little bit, in turns, just while playing with it. Exhaust down there, the flame elements are great. You can change the angles of the flame elements if you want them to spread out more, make it look wider. I don’t know if that looks like it’s going faster or something or make those go up and the others … Yeah, it might be a good look right there. Also, these can be turned outwards or down, spread things out. You can get a lot of different looks there.

I really like the build of this front section, the fork section of the bike right there. I think it’s folded up. There’s a bunch of hinging that goes on in there with the front section and this top part and these side parts. It all just folds together and makes for a nice, compact but interesting looking … Just kind of sub-assembly there, it’s all angled back. There’s not a lot that you can do with the bike but I just think it looks good and of course it rolls so I think it does everything that it needs to do and it’s supposed to do.

Goblin’s glider of course has to be small to scale to the figure properly so there’s not all that much that could be done with it design-wise. I do like the use of these car wing pieces to give it some extra bulk, does a nice job of getting a little transition into the proper, a little wings there, big oil exhaust on the back looks proper. Then you’ve got two flick fire missiles down below. That’s what these are which look fine. Those have been around for quite some time now and they still work just fine and I think that in this context, it does it’s job.

The corner of Second and Bleeker here is a nicer random side terrain build than it needs to be. I’m very happy about that. A lot of folks could take these elements directly into their own little city layouts or any small diorama or just any kind of display. It just looks good. The streetlight looks good. The street signs themselves look good although they only work from one side, they’re not double-sided. You get these two newspaper dispenser machines which have a sticker on one side of each so there’s no sticker between them but they look nice, especially the one on the left, it’s a pretty perfect build and I appreciate that they’ve got a different design for each so it’s not just a copy. Inside, you get these, which are not printed. You see they have stickers on them but they do give you two different types of newspapers. The trashcan even comes with some trash inside of it with just a piece of discarded vegetable stock and a bone.

All three figures look good to me and they look like they’re compatible, like they belong together. They were translated over from the comic universe versions and appearances of these characters into the Lego look in a similar way. Sometimes I think some Lego artists go for a little bit more detail whereas others stay a little bit more true to the basic and more simplistic, more fun look of Lego. I feel like these three strike a good balance between those two opposite extremes. I do like these cape pieces but I do definitely prefer the cloth ones, the newer, softer cloth ones because they do get crinkled up here pretty easily. Alternate faces, just one for Hobgoblin, which is a good one, it’s a useful one to get a different expression. You can’t take this flame piece off the top of Ghost Rider unfortunately. That’s all glued on there. I think they needed to do that in order to get it nice and close to the sides of his head there gets a little bit thin so it’s glued in quite tightly so it’s secure and little pieces aren’t going to chip off easily.

Other accessories for the figures include the new web piece for Spider-Man which looks very action oriented like it’s just spreading out and it has this really nice little clear piece that’s used to attach to the hand that works well as a hollow stud. On the front of it, we’re going to see a lot of use of that in the future I’m sure. They do include a super jumper piece but they have not redesigned this. I still don’t recommend using it if you want to keep your figures completely intact. It will still cause damage to the backs of the legs where it attaches, just clips on a little bit too tightly. Couple little bits of flame that you could just leave on the ground wherever Ghost Rider has been and of course, Ghost Rider has to have his flaming chain and that’s an element that we already got before. I think [Chimo 00:05:30] was the first theme to get this piece. It’s just a regular chain piece, long length, and transparent orange.

Yep, cool set. Nothing more for me to really say about it. I like pretty much everything here except for the super jumper but that’s already a well-known issue. If you have anything that you would like to say about this set, please do share your thoughts and comments down below. Thank you for watching and thank you for your time. I’ll talk to you again very soon.


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