Lego Friends Amusement Park – Set 41130 Review, Giveaway & Stop Motion Speed Build Animation – Roller Coaster Building Kit 2019

Lego Friends Amusement Park - Set 41130 Review, Giveaway & Stop Motion Speed Build Animation - Roller Coaster Building Kit
This LEGO set is awesome! We bought this for our soon to be 7 year old daughter. She loves the LEGO Friends show and we were so excited to by this set along with a few of the other sets that go with the Amusement Park Theme!

In regards to the build, BE PREPARED! This set takes a good amount of time to build! I built some of it for her while watching TV at night and she built some herself. In all, we both spent a total of about 3 hours or so building this set and we’re used to building LOTS of LEGO’s. So the master builders out there should be able to build it in a few hours, and newbies will probably need to expect about 4-5 hours of build time.

Some people will be intimidated by the build time, but we personally enjoy the build and see that as part of the joy and challenge of purchasing new LEGO sets!

Even if the build IS intimidating to you, it is SO worth it on this set. Some of the other LEGO sets we’ve built are fun to build, but once they are built they really are only enjoyable if you have the rest of the theme, whatever it may be. But, this set is pretty much the cornerstone of the new 2016 & 2017 Friends theme that was just released and even if it wasn’t it would be awesome all on it’s own!

A quick run-through of the different components:

The roller coaster is really cool! As with most LEGO sets, expect everything to be a little smaller than you imagined, but relative to other LEGO sets, this set is really big, mostly due to the size of the coaster. The coaster glides smoothly and actually sounds a little like a roller coaster!
It’s really cool that the front car on the coaster has a “light brick” in it, which means there is a little headlight on the front car. It is activated when you slide a passenger into the front car, which can be a little troublesome for our 3 year old, but not that hard for our 7 year old. You just have to learn the right angle to activate the light and secure the front passenger.
The cars will also fall off the track pretty easily if bumped to the side or pulled or purchased too quickly. Again, once your child gets the hang of it, they will be able to pull and push the cars without fail. The front car has to little grabber/angled bricks which help with pulling it.

The Ferris wheel is awesome! It spins very easily and is weighted perfectly to be able to spin it fast or slow and simulate the characters walking up the little stairs and getting into each car. Our girls really love that component!

The drop towers is really fun as well! One complaint is that the characters head will hit the very top of the tower if you pull the seats all the way to the top before dropping. I’m going to check again to make sure we put that part together correctly, but it’s not the biggest deal, you just have to stop before you reach the very top. It’s really cool how fast the characters drop and spin. Very realistic!

The other little components like the tables and chairs, popcorn stand, entrance, and ticket counter are really cool and great components for imaginative play.

Overall, we love this set and our kids have been playing with it for days. We can tell that this will be a toy that provides tons of fun for a long time, especially as we purchase the rest of the Amusement Park components and other LEGO Friends sets in the future!

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Professional Review #1:

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Hello. Welcome to EllieV Toys. Well, you have been waiting for this. I have been eagerly awaiting this and I finally managed to get my hands on it. It is one of the new summer sets. This is the big one which we’ve all been so excited about. It is the amusement park roller coaster. It’s not just a roller coaster, it is, well, so many features. There are four mini dolls in it and just oodles of stuff. So many things to play with and have fun at the fun fair at the amusement park. Gosh, we’ve got to open it up and I suppose we might build it. What do you think? Should we build it? Yes, of course. That’s why we’re here. Don’t be silly, Ellie.

All right. There are eight bags and a couple of bags of tracks here, aqua colored tracks and an enormously thick book and some shiny psychedelic looking stickers. In the first bag, we have got two of our mini dolls. The first one here is taking shape as Emma. Nothing new here. We’ve seen this outfit before. She looks just like Emma should. She gets a lovely bow for the back of her hair. All dressed up for a summer outing. Looking lovely, Emma, but if you could move over please. Then, we can have a look at Andrea and she’s got some really cute sandals with bows on the top of them. We’ve seen this top too with the music notes on it. Nothing too exciting for these outfits on these girls. Nothing too new, which is a shame. I’d like to see some new outfits on Ellie girlfriends, but you can’t have everything.

We’re about to build a roller coaster. Yay. Look, big hug. They’re very pleased to see each other and they’re incredibly excited because it’s amusement park time. All right girls, if you could move over here please. You can stay excited if you wish. We’ll start on our first piece of the build. We’re going from the beginning of the book and there are some little pieces, little builds that we’re going to tackle before we do the roller coaster. We’re at an amusement park, as well as having lots of fun rides.

It’s very important that you have somewhere to stop and rest and something to nibble on to refresh your energies. We have a hundred dollar note there. We are obviously going to be buying something from here. This is a little cart, a little, hmm I wonder what it’s going to be. This is cute. Its got an opening window panel here that’ll close in on itself and make a display. It looks like it’s popcorn. We’ll put some popcorn in the window. There, that’s very cute. It’s the popcorn cart. I was just wondering whether the popcorn really cost that much that we needed a hundred dollar bill for it, but I suppose we could share everybody at the amusement park some popcorn.

All right and we’ve got a nice red and white striped awning to go over the top and Andrea is checking this out. I don’t think it’s time for snacks yet but girls, you can have a look. We’ll put some wheels on. One on that side and of course we need a matching one for the other side. There, we have a popcorn cart. We cannot actually hold onto that handle because their hands do not turn that way so it is just for display purposes, currently. You can go over and inspect that girls while we build the next little piece.

You can see so far, we have got a grassy area with some little green flowers and a booth is taking shape. Not too many ideas yet. We’ll have to keep building and check it out. Oh, a red and a green so we’ll stop and a go and a cash register. Emma’s in here just checking it out. We’ve got a little counter there with the blue piece. Oh, another hundred dollar bill and some tickets or some tokens, some star tokens and a five dollar coin or dollar. I don’t know what that is yet. We’re building up here. Okay, first of our stickers. This will give us an idea. The tickets, it’s the ticket counter. It might be … I’ve put that sticker on the wrong one. It has to go on the black one. Right, okay, let’s see if I can get that off. Yes, I can. I love the fact that these are pretty durable, these stickers.

Now that is on correct tile, it is a black tile and now we’ve got a couple of photos. The sign that it is a ticket counter needs to be at the front and there is a photo hiding around the back because this is where you can come. Oh, here’s another photo. Oh look, that’s them on the roller coaster with their hair flying out everywhere. This is where you can come to get your tickets and to pick up the photographs that are taken of you while you are on the rides. That’s pretty cool. We’ve got in and an out here with the arrows. Emma’s standing on the in and Andrea is standing on the out. That’s very nice direction showing for us, girls. Of course, we’re going to need a turnstile. This is going to be perfect for a turnstile. There, and who’s going to show us how this works? Very good. Emma, I like it.

They’re both inside here and Emma is now manning the ticket counter. Andrea is checking out finding out how much these tickets cost. How much? She’s going out again. No, she’ll come back in soon. I can tell you now. She can’t resist the amusement park. It’s going to be so much fun. We still have to keep building this ticket counter here, ticket booth. What’s this part? Oh, this parts going to be the roof. This goes up here and we’re obviously going to need a sign on the middle section. Let’s make that. Wow, that’s a super duper big sign and that’s a great sticker. That’s got some of the different rides depicted on it and some very colorful lights here and a great patent which I almost knocked up. There we go. That looks great. Wow, so much color. Your eyes are going to be so tired from all of this color at the end of this.

All right, bag number two. Oh, we’ve got some of the other two mini dolls. The first of these is … Wow, nice outfit. This is Naiah with her little brown freckles and a lovely blonde hair and she’s pleased to see the girls as well. The three of them are going to be the first ones to try out this amusement park. Another big group hug. Group hug. Someone always ends up falling over with a group hug. More like a group tackle. The fourth mini doll, we finally get a boy in here. We’ve got Mathew and he’s dressed in … Well, I think he’s dressed in the uniform. He’s excited too to see everybody but I actually think that Mathew is in charge of all the rides. Just one person in charge of all the rides. They’re all excited. They are going to try it all out. So many hugs, so much jumping up and down and falling over.

Right, four mini dolls and the next part of the build. This is a cute one. We definitely need a rubbish bin so that we can keep some of the rubbish off the ground, of course. We need, first thing when you step in, well, you need to know where you’re going to go, don’t you? We need something that gives us the information. Here’s a little pamphlet of where to find a map of where to find all the rides. That’s one you can pick up and take with you and here is the map sign board. Let’s see, the Ferris wheel, and the leg and the drop thing and the hot dog cart and the roller coaster. Check that out guys. You can investigate where you want to go first. We’re going to go to the roller coaster first. I’m telling you, because that’s what we’re building first.

In fact, this is the very first part of the roller coaster. This is the first of our roller coaster carriages. This is the very front one. I’m quite excited by this because it’s the first Lego friend set to come with a light brick. Check it out. There’s a switch in the back and I don’t know quite how we activate this yet. Let’s keep building and keep figure it out because there’ll be some trick. Oh, I see. When the mini doll slots in the seat, her feet push the light and leave it on. That’s going to be the light at the first of the roller coaster carriages. That is so cool. Oh man, I love that. All right, let’s finish up this carriage, shall we? See how it looks all together. Lots of colors. Look at all those lurid colors. They’re so bright. There. Do we think it’s colorful enough? I think it might be.

We now need some wheels. Excellent. It’s important that we put the wheels in the right way. Look at that. That’s so easy to just slide the mini doll in there. She just sits there so comfortably and the light’s on. That’s so cool, but we need another carriage because it’d be pretty boring if only one of them had a go at a time. There are four carriages all up. I’ll show you the second build, too, because it’s slightly different to the front. Still got lots of colors though. So colorful. Little pink ones on the front and then we’re done when we’ve got the wheels on. That’s super duper cute. That latches on here and now, we’ve got two carriages.

Emma’s in the front, Andrea is behind, but oh, what about Naiah and Mathew? What about them? Stop mocking around in there, girls. We need everybody to be able to have fun. What are you doing, Emma? You cannot stand up in a roller coaster. This is going to end in tears. See? Look, they’re all standing around waiting for it to end in tears. See? You fell out. That’s why you have to sit down in a roller coaster. Here are the other two carriages so everybody can get in and sit down, thank you very much and be safe. We’ll take this for a spin, shall we? It’s cool, it runs really smoothly. It does tend to flip over on the side a bit but that’s what roller coasters are designed to do, aren’t they? There, this is going to be awesome. They are going to need some track.

We are up to bag number three and I knocked over the carriages. Oh dear, everyone is okay, though. The next part. This is not the track yet, as you can see, but we’re getting there. We’re getting there, I promise. We’ve got the roller coaster carriage ready. Let’s get the next part done. Oh, I see what this is. This is where everybody is going to line up. There’s a red and a green so you know when you can go. Everyone can line up while they’re waiting to go on the roller coaster because reckon it’s probably going to be a pretty exciting popular ride here at the amusement park. See? When that barrier gate is up, you can go through and out. This is going to attach somewhere, we’re going to see, but we seem to be building a rocket on the side of it. That’s a bit interesting. Let’s find out why. Oh, some track. Move out of the way, girls. It’s about to get exciting.

We have snapped some of this track together, two flat curvy pieces. Let’s try it out. Let’s make sure everything works the way it should. It does, except now, we’ve run out of track and Mathew’s driving off knocking it. Oh, Mathew has terrible driving and knocking everybody over. Let’s attach this. It comes here on the join so that’s cool. That’s it. The carriages come up here. The roller coaster comes up here and everybody’s waiting and they can hop in there. See? They’re waiting at the barrier, pick it up, and they hop it. You are not standing up in there again, are you? Did nobody learn from Emma’s experience earlier? Obviously not.

Next part. Have you guessed what this might be? I’m very excited. This looks like the control panel. Where is this going to be installed? Oh, on the other side of the join. The controller stands here to stop it and start it and speed it up and make it go slow. That’s pretty cool. Next bit, we’ve got all these little connecting pieces and little obstacles that take place around the roller coaster so we’re going to build them up because they’re really interesting. They also have a theme. Have you noticed the theme yet? The rocket is a really big clue. You’re going to find it out as we go along. Look at that lime green see through piece. That is so funky. I think we’re making a matching piece here. It’s taking shape as a matching piece. Yes it is.

What have we built? We have built little rotating, well, not rotating, opening doors so they’re hinged just in one direction. Where do we put these along the track? Let’s finish them up on the top and then we’ll go and install them on the track and see where they go and how they work. I assume we crashed through them with the roller coaster. Oh, put that one around. Of course, it needs a sign and it has got a … There’s definite space theme here. Have you noticed? I put that sticker on terribly. That’s better now. Definitely a space theme. This is going to connect here, these next two pieces of track. It goes in that way. We can’t go back through them because well, we can if they’re open. It goes right in your [inaudible 00:14:55]. Let’s demonstrate and crash through the barrier gates. Emma’s very excited. We can’t go back. Well, we can. All right, they’re open. Not working well, everything’s falling over, oh no. Naiah’s excited. She obviously had a great time doing that.

Okay, bag number four. This is really fun. Okay, next part. This is a cool, new piece of track that have never seen before. It goes up, up, up, up. I like this so much. If we can put Emma in here, we can go up a little, and fall off the end. It’s obvious we need to connect more pieces here. Poor Emma. Sorry to make you the demonstrator. You keep falling off things. We’re going to connect this over where where where? Over here. That looks good. We need to build more of these little connectory pieces, more of the obstacles along the track. What’s this one? It’s pretty colorful too. It’s the camera. This is so you can take pictures of all the screaming people as they fly past in the roller coaster screaming their heads off, very excited. I’m assuming very excited.

There also is a big flash on it so not only are you going super duper fast but something suddenly will flash you in the face. That’ll be exciting. It’ll add to the excited of the roller coaster. We need to have a mount to put this on by the looks of it. Let’s do that. Very nice and these are going to sit up on the top. There. The roller coaster is going to go through there and this is going to go on the join. Excellent. The camera is just up here, just up here and we’re going to see Mathew. See, and down he would go and see, big flash as you go through, as you’re screaming through. Next piece of track goes up here and I’m going to assume we’re going to need a support for this because there is no way this is going to stay up without being crushed, I think. That’s good, great little support, nice and simple. Mathew is busy flying down off that piece.

Next connecting part, let me see what this one is. This is so exciting. I’m having so much fun. There’s a little earth on that and it spins around and it looks like it hinges on here. It’s going to go on here somewhere. Not convinced that’s the right spot. Maybe on the other side. There, that’s better. As the carriage goes past it, it flicks it. It will hopefully not scare the passengers too much. A nice flat piece of track now. Wow, this is big. Next piece of support to under that bit of elevated track. What is this one? This is colorful with the, oh, it’s crystals. Oh, aren’t they pretty? Maybe like alien landscape crystals. I like that. We might have some for the other side as well. There’s the rock base and the very nice crystally bits. Oh, that’s pretty. Good. They can fly past that in the roller coaster as well. We are getting there. A flat piece along here and it’s going to need a support as well.

We are getting there, another flat piece and another support and do we get another obstacle here? Let’s see. Definitely looks like a place for an obstacle. This is where the major sign board goes. There we go. There is our interstellar moon satellitey-type looking thing with starts around the side. Definitely a great big solar system theme, a space theme. We’re more than half way around now. We must have to be starting to head down again. Another support on that joining part. There we go. Now we’re heading down. Do we get another support? This is our connecting piece. Our final connecting piece. We still need some more support. There’s track there dangling in the air. That one exploded. Another obstacle? Let’s check that out. Looks like it might be something that spins. We need another support for down here, just a weeny one. There, that’s so cute. All right, last obstacle. Let’s see what it does. Oh, very cute. That might be a satellite or a little moon and a rocket, another spaceship. They’re going to spin around. We’re going to put them over here on this. They spin around as it hits them.

All right, let’s try it out. Here we go. We are waiting at the starting gates and we’re going through the barrier there, up, up, up, up, up around past the spinning satellite and the rocket, past the big sign, past the moon crystals, down past the spinning earth. Did you smile for the camera? I hope you did. Wow, that was so fun. Let’s do it again, faster, faster, faster. We’re ready? Go. Up, up, up, up, up and around and around, then, down. Did you smile for the camera that time? Whoa, faster. No, that’s too fast. All right, now I’m just getting really really silly. This is ridiculously long. We have only built the roller coaster so far. Did you know that there are still three more bags to build? In those bags, there is a Ferris wheel, a drop tower and some other really cool cute little fun things for an amusement part.

I’m going to have to make a part two. When it is ready, you will see a little eye on the corner. You can click that and go straight there and there will be a link in the description box underneath this video. Make sure you check back soon for part two of the amusement park roller coaster. It is so much fun. I do hope you enjoy these builds. Make sure that you subscribe so you don’t miss any. Click like and check out some of my other videos while you wait. I’m going to see you again with another one really soon, very very soon.


Professional Review #2:

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Hello, welcome to ellieV Toys. We have already built the roller coaster from the new Lego friends amusement park roller coaster set, but there’s still a Ferris wheel and a drop thingy, what do you call it? A drop tower, and some other really fun amusement part things that we have to build. Let’s get on with it. If you missed the first part you can check it out, there’s an eye in the corner which will give you a link, and the link is also in the description box down the bottom.

Now we are up to bag number five and we are building the first of the next part of this set which is the drop tower, so we’ll see how high it can go and how far these friends are willing to fall. Obviously we’ve got to build it first though. If you didn’t see the first part you won’t know that this set comes with a roller coaster obviously, and four mini dolls, so we have got Emma and Andrea and Nia and Matthew. They are all here at the amusement park waiting ever so patiently for me to get on with finishing building it. In fact, here’s Andrea, she’s coming in insisting that I hurry along a little bit because she would really like to go up and have a fun time on this drop tower. What are we up to? We’re spending time putting a whole heap of flowers down here, that’s very important, some little pink lights on there. We need some more decoration, it’s going to go up the tower, these little flashing lights. There are so many colors in this set, it’s kind of eyeball piercing. It’s bright and it’s exciting and it just makes it really very lively and great.

We have got a camera so that we can take a picture half way down the drop tower with everybody screaming with their faces distorted and looking quite stunned as they go down. I love it, those sort of pictures are always great, aren’t they? Do you have a picture of you half way down an amusement park ride? All right, we’ve got all our height on here, let’s connect them with this black connect-y piece. Now we need another set of lights, flashing lights, colorful flashing lights, they’re going to go up here on the second part of our height area. Here we go, we’ve got our twisty turn-y bit, that’s it’s technical name, I have no idea if it has a technical name, it looks like a big stick of licorice doesn’t it? It’s where we’re going to drop these friends down. They need something to sit on now, which is what we’re building, we need a couple of seats.

Here’s the first one, we’ll give Nia a chance to check it out for size. They’re really just perfectly the engineered, the seats in these, they fit every so snugly, but because it is a ride we need a safety bar here. That’s perfect, it just flicks back. Look, a matching one, we’ll put Andrea in here because she is so keen to go up, and we’ll stick her arms out above it because it wouldn’t very comfortable having them trapped underneath. One faces this way and the other one faces backwards. Awesome! We’ll make sure their safety bars are on and lets go up, up, up, up, up, put them on the top of our stick of yellow licorice, and down, down, down, down, down they went. That’s really super duper fast at the moment, they’ve got no resistance. Let’s try it again, and whee, see that’s way too fast for me. There is something we need to build to trap it in at the top and to add some resistance, so let’s do that.

Okay, here we go, a nice simple little band here will make sure that this slows their descent just that little bit so that they don’t go crashing down at a great rate of knots, so let’s try it now. Oh, hold on, stuck at the top, I pushed them up too high. There we go, now they spin down much more evenly, it just slows it down a bit. Let’s try it again, you know I’m going to be trying this a bizillionty times, because it’s just so fun! That’s so awesome, I really really like that. Okay, what have we got next?

Now, it’s kind of baffling about what this might be, we seem to have pretty much finished our tower, but there are some lights on this. You know what it is, it’s the sign to go on the top. That’s really important, so that we know exactly what it is, we’re going to need a sticker here, so that depicts our drop-y down-y thing, whee, a twisty drop-y down-y thing. We need some more of these bright flashing lights, and that’s great they’re in a pattern, that looks good. We’re going to put this here on this tube and, are we ready? We are going to go up all the way to the top, and there it is. Now we need to connect it all with that, and I don’t know that I’ve done that right but that’s right I’ll have a check on that in a moment, because I want to play with this again. Too high, too high. Are we ready girls? Go! That’s so fun. The fact that it looks like licorice stick makes it even more fun.

All right, it’s Emma’s turn. Emma and Matthew are going to have a go, going to try it out, check it for structural integrity. Go! Whee! How are your stomachs feeling guys? Is it okay? Go! That’s really cool, you know I could actually do that all day, these are really fun, but I won’t. We’re going to open up bag number six because we’ve still got so much building to do, but before we do that I have this big piece that I actually have left over from bag number five, so I had to go back and find out where it went. There we go, so much for structural integrity. The whole thing could have crashed down for want of one brick, not very safe at all Ellie.

Okay, now we need the ground piece for, can you guess? I already know because I’ve told you several times, it’s a Ferris wheel, this is the Ferris wheel. We’ve got so much fabulous engineering to do here to put it together and make sure it’s safe, and I can tell you now that it is just awesome, I love this so so much. Let’s build it up, let’s get all of these pieces in that we need to actually make the Ferris wheel work. I love these safety stripes they’re pretty hilarious, they keep people back from there, they need to step back from there otherwise they’re going to get whapped by the Ferris wheel, and then workplace health and safety is going to come along and close down this amusement park until it is properly built and safe for all the Lego friends. We don’t want that to happen, so everyone needs to stay clear of the safety lines.

Okay, we need to keep building and I need to start being sensible I think. Now, we have got a sticker on this which looks kind of like a hot air balloon, that’s a nice depiction of the gondolas, though they don’t look like hot air balloons at all, but it’s cute, I like it. Over here on the left hand side we have got the control panel, I’ll just try and get this dial on straight, and a lever. The control panel and the lever here for actually controlling the Ferris wheel. We’re going to have to make sure everyone stays back from that too, and very important, we need steps. Here’s the staircase. Where’s that last little black grill piece? There it is. Some steps up so we can get up to the gondolas safely. That’s cool, we need a matching one on the other side. Very nice. Hold on Matthew, we need to install the steps, you’re all trying them out are you? That’s very nice, but you need to get off the steps, thank you. You can stand in here, though probably not for long because we’re going to be putting a Ferris wheel in there soon. Where do these steps go? Over here I think. Currently they are the steps to nowhere. Thanks for demonstrating that Lego friends. That’s not very safe at all.

Let’s start putting in some more structure here, we need one of these technic bits. How does that look? That looks good. We are now starting on the Ferris wheel part itself, so the wheel part. Here we go. Obviously this is going to need to be symmetrical. We’ve got a, how many sides does this have? Six? We have a hexagon which is pretty cool. We need six of these too, the big wheel spokes. They’re such a big bright pink aren’t they? We need six of these light bars, so there’s one, they all match, two, three, how are we going? Four, five, and one more, six. Very nice. They are going to light up the sky these, let’s put them on. Oh, hold on, everything’s snapping off. We need more space. There we go. That’s great, that’s so colorful, it’s like a big carnival of flowers. We’re going to need this to go through the center I think. Let me see. This is going to go up here, we put these on to hold it on, there.

Now, we’re not ready to install it yet because we need a matching one for the other side. Second hexagon, let’s do the same thing again. Well, almost the same, we put the pink spokes on, we put the black pieces on, but we’ve got a different array of lights on this side. We’re just going to put all the black connecting pieces on and then they all just get a single yellow light. There, that goes on the other side. Very nice. What are you doing? No girls no, that’s not safe, you cannot hold onto that. All right. You couldn’t wait for the gondolas could you? You’re going to have to hop off soon, but we’re going to put our connector on, hold it on, and now, once we have got … Is it all ready? I think we’re all ready. Move over everybody. Are those girls still on there? They are aren’t they. Right, you can stay there while we connect this to the actual uprights. Check it out, there we go, we’ve got our spinny wheel. Hop off girls, you’re stopping it from spinning, plus it’s not safe. There, let’s check this out. It looks really good. Now, we also get a little handle to be able to … Look at that, and it just spins so smoothly. Oh man, I am in love with this.

Number seven, bag seven. Let’s build some gondolas shall we? Some little carriages for the friends to travel in. Are they all one seaters or can we pair them up? We’ll have to see. This is taking excellent shape. You can see where we’re going to be connecting it on. We need some more of these technique pieces. This is a much more complicated build than a normal Lego friends set, which isn’t surprising as it is designed for older kids. It doesn’t mean that younger kids can’t do it, it’ll just take a little bit more concentrating I think. Can I get these bits on the top? Maybe a bit of help from Mum. I need some help from Mum. There we go, I can get that on. There we are. There we have one gondola and we shall install … Which way do we go? Their feet go up flat against the flat part and the slanty part is on the back, and that is so cool, they just fit in just perfectly in each of these. Like I said before, they’re so finely engineered. Now we got three of them, that’s magic, I must have built them before.

Here we go, we’ve got Nia, we’ve got Emma, and we’ll put Andrea in the third one. We’ve got three matching ones. Andrea, your hair is not straight, we might need that straight, there we go. All right, let’s put them on. They’re really really easy to install, so to take on and off, because we just click them on to the outside of these blue connectors here. There’s one, and at the moment we’re very bottom heavy, whoa. That’s really very swingy and we just flung Andrea out. Now Nia’s in here and we’re spacing these out evenly. There we go. Let’s give this a whirl, shall we? Hold on. Emma’s so excited. Let’s check it out. Look at that, it’s so balanced it’s just actually spinning very beautifully by itself. This is fun, I could do this for days, this is so soothing. I can’t do it for days, no, I need to stop playing with this because there are some missing gondolas, look, so they must be in bag eight.

Let’s open up bag eight and let’s get the next three gondolas done, shall we? Let me see, is this any different from the others? They’re different colors, that’s nice. This one’s lavender with dark purple and yellow as well. Brilliant, and this one’s got a yellow roof, little yellow umbrella on the top. Let’s see if I have any more success at getting that one in. That’s easier. Now Matthew can go for a ride too. We need two more of these, there we go, three all up, one, two, three. We’re going to put them in between the other ones. Look at that, so much color. Oh, hold on, now we’ve very heavy there, let’s put the rest in. One more at the top to make it evenly balanced. Whoa, that is so awesome! Check it out. Now where’s my handle? Let’s give it a whirl. Quite literally we are giving it a whirl. Round and round and round it goes, and it is just so smooth. Whee! There’s no need to have a hectic ride Lego friends, we’re just going to go nice and gently around, you can have a look at the view from the top, there it is all the way down, that is just super duper cool. We can turn it from the other side, there’s no fancy handle on the other side, but there’s nice big red lever hanging out there, we can turn it from there.

I love that so much. Wow, we’re going to have so much fun with this. Oh no, Matthew’s feeling ill, quick out you hop. Oh gosh, you’d better sit down, here we go, just sit down. If you sit for a while Matthew we might build some of the rest areas with some of the snacks, although you probably don’t feel like a snack at the moment. Now, these are cute too, they’re such a little add on for the set, but you need a snack area at amusement parks. This one’s got an apple and some of these brand new watermelon slice pieces, they are so super cute, I love them. We’re only supposed to fit two in here, but it comes with three so let’s try and get them all in. Actually we won’t, we’ll stick on on here, they’re a single stud we can stick them on there, or I can display it beautifully. They’re so cute, I hope I don’t lose them too quickly. A couple of seats, so come and sit on there Matthew. Who’s going to come and join you? It looks like Emma’s going to come and join you. We’ll see if I can … Oh, look at that, that watermelon slice. Be still my beating heart, that is so gorgeous!

What do we get for the next table? What exciting things are on here. We have a bottle of water and a bottle of soda, and one the new hot-dogs! Check that out, that’s cute too, that’s very very cute. Two seats for here, and we’ll get out Nia and Andrea to sit here and they can argue over who’s going to get the hot-dog. We’ll have to see, maybe they can share it, they could split it. There you have it, that is the entire build. The roller coaster was in part one, the rest of it is here in part two. I tell you what, we might have to send these Lego friends off to visit the amusement park from the very beginning of the day. Shall we see what they do? Let’s go and see.

Here they are at the entrance, they’re buying their ticket to get in. I don’t know what they’re getting the token for, we’ll have to find out. Look here comes Nia, she’s a bit late coming through the turnstile, they are all incredibly excited to be spending the day here at this new amusement park, including Matthew, though Matthew is actually supposed to be working all of these equipments, all of these rides. Emma is investigating where to go, looks like the other girls have already made their mind up. Emma’s popped off to get some popcorn, very nice. Matthew is here to help.

Okay, first stop is at the drop tower. Emma is sitting this one out while she eats her popcorn. Here we go. Nia and Andrea, let’s go, ready, steady, go! That was short, let’s try again. Up you go, and up, up, up, up, up. Can you see the whole of Heart Lake City girls? I think you can. Ready, steady, and drop! Did the camera get a picture? I don’t know whether it did. You’re going to have to try again. Up, up, up, up, not too high. Go! That was a good one, I really like that one. Now, they’ve had a go, so it must be time for Emma, she’s going to pair up here with Matthew. Up they go, up, up, up, up. All right, are you ready? Keep your eyes open, it’s really fun. Whee! That was the best time ever I think.

Okay, off the drop tower, and Nia’s already heading over here to the Ferris wheel. Are you ready? Can you stop the Ferris wheel for us Matthew please? Matthew? Matthew? Uh, Matthew? Excellent, good work. Now Nia is in here and Andrea’s waiting for her gondola to turn up. Here we go, maybe this purple one. No don’t swing it, don’t swing it, everyone will get sick, they’ll feel very very yucky in the tummy. Could you please stop that Matthew? What are you doing? No, Nia’s already in that one, move it around. Goodness gracious, I don’t think he’s had much practice at this, it is a brand new amusement park so I’m not surprised. There we go, Andrea’s in and I assume Emma’s in here somewhere. They seem to be going around and around having a lovely view of Heart Lake City. Around and around. Oh yes, there’s Emma. This is so relaxing after that enormous drop. No! No, no, no, that’s too fast! Quick pull the level again, that’s way too fast. Oh my goodness, how are your stomach’s feeling girls?

Okay, now we’re at the top again, we’re going at a much more sensible speed, that’s much much nicer. Is Emma going to have a bit of a …? No, no stopping at the top. What are you doing? That’s not safe, you cannot be standing on top of the gondolas. Now it’s going backwards. Is there no one here to stop these girls. Poor Matthew is throwing his hands up in the air, and these girls are still riding on top of the gondolas. Do you know what? I don’t think anyone else is here at the amusement park, I think they’ve got free run of it. All right, it’s time to stop for something to eat and to calm down girls and to play on this equipment safely, thank you very much.

Right, where are you off to next? Okay, they know. Wait for Emma. Good, okay, they’re off to the roller coaster. Here’s Matthew, here come the carriages. They’re all lined up here waiting. Let them in. All right, they’re ready to go, lights on. Oh, Matthew’s popped in the back. Everybody’s going, but who’s going to make it work? Well, that’ll be me. Okay, off we go, up, up, up, up, chug, chug, chug, they’ve gone through the crash gates there. Emma’s already a bit excited, they’re ready to go down the drop, they’re ready, down they go, through here. Oh, flashed, I hope they smiled for the camera. They’re back here at the barrier gates. Let’s see this actually move shall we? We ready? Around again, because you are the only people at the amusement park, you might as well enjoy it. Round, round, round, up, up, up, up, up the hill, past the moving satellite-y obstacle-y thing and, go! Back into the barrier. That was awesome fun. You know what, it might be time to come back to … No! No, no, no, that belongs on the track.

Okay, here they are now back here at the entrance booth. They’ve collected their photos from the day. Matthew is busy waving goodbye. Yeah, they’re not leaving yet, because they have got more of this day to go. They’re going to have a great time playing on all the equipment here at the amusement park. We might have to leave them to it, but we’ll come back and visit them again in another video I think. I hope you enjoyed that. Please do subscribe, click like, check out some of our other very fun videos, and I’m going to see you with another one very very soon.


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