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LEGO 10254 – Winter Holiday Train

Designer Review Video:

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Hi, my name is Morton and I’m a designer for LEGO Creator. I’m very excited because today I’m going to show you what I’ve been working on lately, this year’s Winter Village set. Choo choo. The Holiday Train. This cozy little train makes it possible to deliver all the presents in time for the holiday and transport all the people from the big city to the Winter Village. This train is also packed with lovely details and is dressed to get you into the Christmas spirit. Let’s have a closer look.

First, we have the locomotive. It has a nice, big smokestack with the steam coming out. You can remove the roof to easily access the cockpit. Behind it, you have the small charcoal wagon with some lovely details. All the way in the back, we have the passenger wagon. This, you can also take the roof off. Inside, the kids can enjoy a hot cup of cocoa, but my favorite part of the whole set is this wagon. It has a tiny, little train that goes around the Christmas tree as the train goes forward. On this flatbed, there’s also room to store all your presents. In this set, you also get this little platform with a bench where the grandmother can wait for her grandkids to arrive.

Speaking of which, let’s have a look at the characters in this set. You get the engineer that drives and maintains the train, the conductor that checks the tickets and makes sure everyone has a pleasant trip, the grandmother waiting for her kids to arrive for Christmas, and the two excited children. You also get a lot of toys and presents in this set. You get a little remote controlled robot, a sailboat, a little spaceship inspired by one of my favorite space themes from when I was a kid, a firetruck, a tiny windup car, and then of course the little train set.

Of course, with this train, you also get a full circle of tracks and you can also power it up by adding the power functions so you can have it going around and around your Christmas tree. This feature was also the biggest challenge. To fit all the power functions in this small, cute train and then make it easily rebuilt was not that easy, but the end result is really, really cool when you see the small steam locomotive pulling all of the wagons. Choo choo. I hope you all have lots of family fun this holiday and enjoy building this set.


Building Instructions – Assembly Manual

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