Kazam Balance Bike Giveaway

Kazam Balance Bike Giveaway

If you’re looking for the best balance bike for toddlers and all ages of children that are ready to start riding or learning how to at least, the Kazam Balance Bike is an awesome option! We’ve tried several different options for learning how to ride a bicycle: Take the training wheels off cold-turkey, push them down a grass hill, run along with them and let go while you scream to “pedal, pedal”, and lots of add-on handles and straps that you can add to bicycles to help hold the bike upright. We’re 100% convinced for our family that a balance bike is the best option for freeing our children from traning wheels. We tried lots of different brands and settles on this Kazam Bike due to the cool looking design that is extremely well thought out and functional. We have been thrilled with this bike and recommend it to everyone who’s in the market for a balance bike. it’s our #1 pick this year for the best balance bike!!

We also get asked why we chose the Kazam over the Strider and the Schwinn Balance Bikes. The simple answer is the footrest and just the general setup of the bike. We think the Kazam was the cutest by far, but also just naturally fit our child better!


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