REVIEW: Joovy Twin Groove “Ultralight” Double Stroller 2017

Transcript for Hearing Impaired:
Are you looking for a double stroller for your two kids that is easy to fold, rather lightweight, and is newborn ready? Well, I got a great one to show you today. So let’s start with the seats. There are two seats. They each have a weight capacity of up to 50 pounds, 100 pound combined capacity for the entire stroller. They measure 11 inches wide, with an 18 inch setback. The measurement from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy up there of 25 inches. There is a non-padded adjustable five point harness in the seat, a very easy to do buckle. You just push that, and it just falls open, so your toddlers will be able to escape this seat.
There are foot rests with two different positions, up for the smaller babies, and down for the older children. They are independent footrests, which I love. Now, underneath the footrest is also the foot enclosure that tucks away, but when you’re using the seat with a newborn, yes, you can use it with a newborn, you would go ahead and you would recline the seat all the way flat. You could put the newborn right in the seat, and then you would attach this foot enclosure, and that’s just going to prevent any small baby from sliding out under the seat. When you don’t need it, it just, like I said, tucks away underneath the footrest, which I love, so you never have to worry about where you put it. Each seat has that foot enclosure.
There are two mesh pockets on the side of each seat, so you could put sippy cups or snacks. Now let’s look at this recline. It’s not my favorite recline. I’m not going to lie. It’s a strap recline. It’s just that when you put it down, it’s no big deal. You just squeeze, and I can do it with one hand to put id down, and so it goes like that. You pull it like that, and it goes all the way nearly flat, and that’s why it’s newborn ready.
Now, to put it up though, you need two hands, and you need to find the straps, and you have to pull them at the same time. So if you have a kid in a seat, it’s not going to be easy, because you’re going to have to try to hold the kid’s weight up, but you need to pull both of these at the same time, so you kind of need three hands for this, or you’re going to have to do it when there’s no kid in the seat. In order to get it as upright as you want, you’re really going to kind of struggle with it to get it all the way upright. That’s about as upright as it gets, which is not completely straight up and down, but if you have the seat in this position, that’s for six months and up. Three months and up for the in between positions.
So see, putting it down, no big deal. It’s the putting it up that I wish it was just a one handed bar recline or something like that. Each seat has an individual recline, and on the back of the seat here, you have a zipper pocket for parent essentials or baby essentials. The each one have it, and there’s a cup holder, a little mesh cup or bottle holder up here, plus a cup holder over here, so you have three cup or bottle holders on the stroller.
So let’s head down to the baskets. There are two individual baskets down here. It’s not one big giant basket, so you’re not going to fit a giant diaper bag down there, because you have two smaller ones. I have a Ju-Ju-Be Be Classy. As long as I don’t completely over pack it, I can stuff it in here, so you are going to get, that’s about the max diaper bag you’re going to get in there. That’s about the size it is. You can get two of them in there, but just know if you have a diaper bag bigger than this, it’s probably not going to fit, but a lot of room for loose baby essentials or smaller diaper bags.
Now let’s go down to these wheels. It rolls on six set of double hard rubber wheels that are six inches. That’s right, three sets in the front, three sets in the back. That’s going to give you pretty good maneuverability. If you need to take it on mommy terrain, grass, playground mulch, you’re going to go ahead, and you’re going to lock all three sets of wheels in the front, and that’s going to prevent it from getting stuck in every bump, like that. Those extra wheels in the front, that’s going to help with the maneuverability.
Now back here, you’ve got three brakes. They’re individual brakes. You are going to have to step down on all three to get this baby locked into place. Now, not bad. It is flip flop friendly. You just have to barely tap it, but there are three to engage and disengage.
So let’s dive back into maneuverability of the Twin Groove. The maneuverability is good, but this is a twohanded stroller, guys, especially when you have two kids in the seat. If you even have two 50 pounders in the seta, you’re really going to have to use some muscle, just like any Double Umbrella Stroller. Now my only thing is, if you are super tall, the handles are great. They are tall handles. They’re 42 inches from the ground to where I place my hands, but they’re up there, not out, which if I were any taller, I would be a little bit concerned about the center wheel. Now, the center wheel back here, and why are we concerned about that if I were super tall is because with a long stride, you may end up kicking that center wheel.
I would love to see them redesign it for the next version and maybe remove the center wheel in the back so that taller parents can have a really long stride without worrying about kicking that wheel. But I’m five-five. It’s not problem for me. I do like the taller handles. Just know to turn the stroller with two kids aboard, it’s two hands.
Now let’s talk about these canopies. There are two huge canopies on the Twin Groove. There are two big panels, no pop out sun visor, but they are full coverage. They are independent as well. So if you have one child that wants the canopy and the other one doesn’t, you can accommodate that. They each also have a peekaboo window. There is a piece of Velcro. So few are going to have the Velcro sound. And the windows are plastic. What I would love to see is I would love to see mesh windows so we can keep air circulating through the seat. Yes, I can see my child. I would just love to see mesh right here, again, just for a little extra airflow.
Okay, let me show you how to fold this. It has a typical Twin Umbrella Stroller fold. You’re going to go ahead and put your canopies back. You’re going to unlock both seats by lifting up right there. Step down on the side piece. It folds down like that. It has an automatic lock right here on the side. Now, it does not have a standing fold. There is no standing fold pieces, and you are going to have to push your seats up like that, but it’s rather compact for a double stroller, plus there is a carry strap over here, and I love the fact that they made it adjustable. So for dads that need a little extra strap, there you go. You can throw it on your back.
Now it is 26 pounds. Lightweight for a double stroller, but not like no weight. But I can easily put it on my back. Definitely dad can swing it over their shoulders to carry it while you’re traveling. It’s a decent size travel stroller, guys, because this is obviously really compact for a stroller for two kids. Unlocking it and unfolding it, you just have to unlock that automatic lock. Let the wheels go down. Step down on both back peddles until it locks into place. So it is rather easy to unfold and fold.
The Twin Groove Ultralight does not take infant car seats. It’s not a travel system, but like I said, you can put newborns right in the seat, because it is newborn ready. Now retails for $299, which is on par with Double Umbrella Strollers.
Here’s what I like about it. I like that they gave you a strap to carry the stroller. I like that it has 50 pound weight capacities in each seat. I like that the canopies are large. The only things I would change on this is I would have mesh windows for the peekaboo windows. I would somehow remove that back third wheel, so it could accommodate all taller parents even better, and I would make it have a standing fold like the single does. But that’s it, guys. What was your favorite feature of the stroller? Leave me a comment, and let me know. That’s it for me. I’m Hollie from Baby Gizmo. Please don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and check out our website, for tons more reviews. Bye, guys.
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