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I have the JJ Cole travel pod set you’ve got the bottle pop it comes with the diapers and wipes pond as well as the paci pod I want to show you guys just different features in the details of each of them first of all something feature of all three of them you’ve got the snap closure each of these has a snap closure so you can easily just snap it open throw it over your stroller you can put on your evening it from your purse or bag diaper bag wherever you can hang it from you can definitely use it that way it’s just convenient to have that option as well now with the bottle pod first of all of course you’ve got that snap closure it’s got a zipper that opens up all around and has a better fit a sippy cup in here not all bottle holders can fit sippy cups a lot of them are much narrower but this is a lot whiter it has aluminum I’m sorry in the aluminum interior and it’s also machine washable in fact all three of these items are machine washable they are PVC free and let me see if I can pronounce this correctly fatali free or something like that i’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about I can never never remember that word and if someone wants to teach me how to remember that word I will be very very grateful because I have to use it all the time obviously but they’re all three of them I’m sorry all three of them are machine washable this one is also dishwasher safe I’m not sure about the other two but I think they’re probably going to be dishwasher safe as well so here you have the bottle holder and don’t forget once the kids get older or once you’re not using it for bottles you can use this for a bunch of different things this is a time thing that I would take with me to on vacation I would put my toiletries in it or I would organize my camera stuff in it you can put snacks in this you can use it as a pencil case you can just find a bunch of different uses for it next you’ve got your diapers and wipes pot on the back there is a back pocket in the back pocket I have the changing pad that it comes with so nice changing matter what I like about this changing pad is that it folds into super thin and then basically when you’re when the I’m starving the baby’s a little older and all you need is just one died for the run out of the house you can just throw this into your breasts with that one to type with those 12 diapers don’t even in there and you’re all set to go and it’s just something very very small that you can take with you so this is an excellent excellent addition to the diapers and wipes pot the diapers and wipes plan has a hidden magnetic closure I’m sorry closure over here and I was able to fit for infant diapers but you can fit five if i’m not mistaken and there was still room left for women’s also i had a lot of room left towards the top so if you organize it correctly you can definitely fit a lot more into it as well and again this is also another type of item which you can use for a bunch of different things later on you can get creative with it it’s not just for baby lastly we have the pacifier pod I love this little thing I think it’s just adorable you’ve got the dongle closure over here and it has 3 i’m sorry up it holds up to 3 pacifiers like I said this is machine washable and dishwasher safe and of course you’ve got your snap closure I hope you like it start solutions and these on YouTube for more videos and don’t forget that you guys can also use this as a really really great gift you can put some pacifies in here for her to start with some diapers and point mints in here and i’m in here you can buy her a bottle or you can even fill it up with onesies even photo with burp cloths or whatever it is that you want her to have as a beginning it’s just a really great starter kit gift throw something over it those ribbons and you’re all set to go have a great thing.

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jj Cole pacifier pod
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jj Cole pacifier pod
jj Cole pacifier pod
jj Cole pacifier pod

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