Holiday & Birthday Wishes Barbie Giveaway and Review

Holiday or Birthday Wishes Barbie Giveaway

Our Review

We love both the Holiday Barbie and Birthday Wishes Barbie. Their dresses are so elegant and beautiful and you definitely tell that these are not your normal Barbies! The earnings were lost within a week of buying these dolls, but that happens all the time when we buy toys with small parts. Just keep them away from infants and young toddlers as they could become chocking hazards. Besides this one downside, our girls have LOVED playing with these Barbies in the dreamhouse, pop-up camper, and just about everywhere else!!

Professional Review #1:

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Hi guys, I’m Madison from DisneyToysFan and today we’re going to be opening the 2015 Birthday Barbie and the 2015 Holiday Barbie.

These dolls are so beautiful. You guys, I’m so excited that we have them. First let’s take a look at the lovely boxes that they come in. First, let’s start with the 2015 Birthday Wishes Barbie for a special birthday girl. Oh … She’s so pretty! It looks like she is actually at the birthday party. You can see in the background there is pink balloons with twinkly lights and a table full of presents and candy and a big birthday cake. One thing I really like about this box is it has a little to and from tag on it so it makes a perfect gift. Let’s take a look at the back of the box here. It just tells you a little bit about Barbie’s beautiful gown and it just talks about how she is ready to bring you all the happiest birthday wishes. I’m really excited to open up that box.

Now let’s take a look at the 2015 Holiday Barbie, wow! This box is amazing. It looks like Barbie is in front of a winter wonderland scene. I really think this is cool because it’s like a 3-D type thing. We have these white branches in front that look like they’ve been covered in snow. You see the snow falling in the background. It’s so pretty and you can even see a horse drawn sleigh! How sweet! Let’s take a look at the back of this box. It comes with a little story about all the happy things that come around the holiday season. Again, it tells you just a little bit about Holiday Barbie’s gown. You guys, I can’t wait any longer, so let’s open them up!

Here they are out of the box, you guys. Oh my gosh, I cannot believe how beautiful they are! First, we’re going to talk about the Birthday Wishes Barbie. She is so pretty! I can’t get over it. I want to talk about how amazing her makeup is! She is wearing pink eyeshadow with glitter sparkles! I love it! Of course, pink lipstick to match her dress and some pearl earrings. Her hair is pulled back a little bit and then curled at the bottom. So pretty. Now let’s take a look at her dress. It’s this beautiful baby pink with this white lace overlay that is so detailed and delicate. I just love this dress and she’s even wearing this cute little white bow around her waist. Oh my gosh! Look! Her nails are even painted pink to match her dress! I love it! The rest of her dress, if you look down, it gets so full and it’s just such a classy look. I love this one. Again, the lace, you just have to check it out. It’s so detailed. I think she just looks so pretty for the birthday party. We can’t forget about her shoes. They are, oh wow! They’re a pearlescent color to match her earrings! I love that! This doll even comes with a doll stand which is really nice, so there we go. She even comes with a certificate of authenticity! Cool, right?

Now we have to take a look at the Holiday Barbie. Oh my gosh, she is so beautiful! I love how elegant this doll looks. First, let’s talk about her makeup. She’s got brown eyeshadow for a little bit of a dramatic look with some shimmer on her eyes as well as her lips which I think is such a nice touch. Whoa, check out these earrings! They are so fancy, right? They kind of look like jewels or diamonds, I don’t know, but I like them! Of course, Barbie has her hair done for the holiday party. So sleek and has the cute curls at the end. Now it’s time to look at her dress! Oh my gosh! It’s so stunning you guys. Look at the piece on the top of her dress. It looks like the same gems or diamonds that match her earrings. I love it! The top of her dress is like a satin piece and look at her nails! They match her dress too! So pretty! The bottom of the dress, whoa. It’s this red shear fabric that has all these big beautiful ruffles on it. It lays on top of this shimmery silver fabric that kind of sparkles. I really love it. Of course, we have to check out Barbie’s shoes! This doll does not come with a doll stand but her shoes are also awesome.

Yay, that was so much fun you guys! I’d like to know which Barbie you liked better, the Birthday Wishes Barbie or the Holiday Barbie? Let us know in the comments and press the like button if you want us to do more on camera reviews. Bye, see you next time!

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