Halle Berry’s Ex is Refusing to Work and is Living Off Child Support!

halle-berryActress Halle Berry and model Gabriel Aubry called it quits back in 2011 after roughly five years of dating and having a then two-year-old daughter, Nahla, who is now six. The parents currently split custody 50/50.

How bad the former couple’s relationship is first became clear to the public after a 2012 Thanksgiving day altercation between Gabriel and Halle’s now husband Olivier Martinez in which the police were called and Gabriel suffered some injuries to his face that he claimed were caused by Olivier.

Halle started dating the model when he was 31-years-old and she 40. Gabriel is the youngest man Halle has ever been publicly involved with and that includes her last three husbands: David Justice, Eric Benet, and currently, Olivier Martinez who were all born in her same year of 1966.

Perhaps she wouldn’t be in such a mess if she would have stuck with men her own age. What mess you ask? Halle and Gabriel have been engaging in an ugly, bitter custody and child support dispute over the last couple of years. Currently, Halley pays Gabriel $16,000 per month for support of their six-year-old daughter. She is trying to get that amount reduced to $3,800.

Gabriel claims that the injuries he suffered from the 2012 fight have made him unsuitable for employment as a model. He says he’s only landed three gigs since the incident.

Halle accuses Gabriel of being a deadbeat who refuses to work and wants to live off her money.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the expenses Gabriel claims:

  • $740 per month in personal training, gym memberships, and fitness charges
  • $940 per month for his clothing
  • $675 per month for Nahla’s clothing
  • $700 per month for his health insurance
  • $1975 per month for vehicle expenses, and
  • $1100 per month for electronics and furniture

Halle’s lawyer, Steve Kolodny, says that Gabriel uses much of the child support money for his own needs.

Should Halle suck it up like most men have to do in similar situations, or is Gabriel being a lazy, greedy, irresponsible, deadbeat who needs to get off his bottom and get back to work?


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