Giuliana Rancic’s New Wine Brand Xo G – Hit or Miss?

rs_600x600-140919173050-600.Giuliana-Rancic-Instagram-WineTV host and reality tv star Giuliana Rancic has just announced her new signature brand of wine Xo G. Normally we would just say this is another celebrity simply licensing out their name on a product that’s very typical. Maybe that’s true here too, but there are actually a few really cool features about this wine brand that you may not know!

1. You buy one stack of wine, not a bottle. In the stack there are 4 detachable wine cups. You can buy one flavor or a variety.

2. The cups are shatter proof

3. each cup is sealed. So you can drink in moderation and not spoil the rest of the wine.

4. It’s not very expensive – sold at Wal Mart

So what do you think? Great idea or just a celeb putting their name on something? At the end of the day you would probably just have to try it to see how it tastes right!? You can find a little more info here


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