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Transcript for Hearing Impaired:
Holly: Hey everyone. It’s Holly, from Baby Gizmo, and today we’re taking a look at the GB Pockit. Now, this is the smallest folding stroller in the world. That’s right, it’s a Guinness World Record holder, look at how cute this is. It is a great travel stroller, super light, weighs just over nine pounds, but it accommodates six months all the way up to 55 pounds. This stroller is so small, that you can put it underneath the seat on an airplane, you can put it in the above compartment on an airplane, I can fit this in my large diaper bag. It’s that small. To give you a good idea, this is the box that it comes in. That’s right, for a stroller, that is tiny. So, we’re gonna go ahead and show you everything about the GB Pockit. It does have an automatic lock. You pop this wheel out, you pop this wheel out, and this is the GB Pockit. Let’s go through all of the specs, and show you what it’s all about.
Now, the GB Pockit does have a roomy seat. I can fit my six year old in this seat, and his head doesn’t even touch the canopy. It is 12 inches wide, with a 24 inch seat back, and what I love, is that they put this piece up here, and this creates kind of like a head rest for your taller children. So, it gives them a comfy ride, the measurement from the top of the canopy to the back of the seat’s also 24 inches. Now, you could raise your canopy like that, but for the most part, we’re gonna give it a 24 inch measurement.
Now, it has a padded 5-point harness, that is easy to do. All you have to do is, snap in your pieces like that, and then when you push the button, it pops right open. Now, there is no adjustable leg or calf rest. Your taller children will set their feet down on here, and there is no recline on this seat. Again, this is a travel stroller, and that’s why they have it for six months and up. There is no recline but, I can tell you that this seat fabric is removable and washable. It just has little buttons over here that, you take the fabric off so, it’s very easy to remove the fabric.
Now, under the seat, there is a small basket. It is very small but, this is a travel stroller. You could fit some loose baby essentials, and the best way to get to it is from the back. We can fit our Ju-Ju-Be Minibe down here, if you squish it a bit, you can get the Minibe down there so, that will give you a good idea of how big the basket is. It’s not huge but, for a bag like this, you could probably get it in there with problem, like I just did.
Now, the stroller rolls on four and a half inch wheels. These are little wheels. These are best on smooth surfaces, definitely a smooth surface stroller. Now, you can lock the front wheels straight, or you can let them swivel 360 degrees. If you are taking it on gravel, grass, or playground mulch, I highly recommend that you lock these front wheels because, it’s going to help you in your maneuverability. Because, like I said, “very small wheels” so, they might get caught up in a lot of bumps. On the back here, you have a one step break that, you step down and it’s gonna lock the stroller into place, and you lift it up, and that lets it go free.
Okay, let’s talk about the canopy. Now, it’s a very small canopy on the Pockit. That’s because it needs that really compact fold so, it is a small canopy, it does go over the child, and it folds back when you are folding the stroller. But, that is the canopy. Now, the handlebars, they’re adjustable in two positions but, the first position really is the folding position. You’re probably not going to push it like that. That’s all the way down here. That is about 28 inches from ground to where you place your hands but, you’d have to be very short obviously, to use it that way but, if you put it into the regular position, right here at the corner, this is 37 inches from ground to handle, and if you put it on the top, that’s about 39. So, they’re not the tallest handles.
If you are super tall, you might want to try the Pockit out first but, definitely they are fixed handles, it’s not going to go any taller than that, and they are foam covered. Okay, let’s quickly talk about maneuverability and stability because, I know you are all wondering, “How stable can a nine pound stroller be?” Well, let me tell you, I was surprised. I didn’t expect it to be as sturdy as it is. Now, it’s not a travel system, it’s not gonna accommodate an infant car seat. It’s not that stable but, I can easily put a 48 pound child in there with no problem. I can put a smaller baby in there. It is pretty sturdy in the world of really lightweight strollers.
Now, if I do this, of course it’s going to move around but, it is more stable than I thought it would be, plus maneuverability, now, these are small wheels so, the maneuverability is good with a small baby aboard. If I put a larger child, you have a weight capacity, I’m definitely gonna have to give it a little oomph, and maneuver it with two hands. Since the handlebars are separate, I’m gonna normally maneuver it with two hands regardless, just because of how it is designed. Definitely a two handed push stroller, and that is due to the handlebars and the fact that the wheels are very small.
But the maneuverability’s good. I had no problem moving it around, even with a bigger kid aboard. You know, you’re just going to have to use two hands. So, let’s talk about the fold because, this is the best part of the Pockit, is how compact and easy it is to fold. Now, the fold is, I would say, the fold is actually easier than the unfold. The unfold, you really have to get use to but, the fold is super easy. All you have to do is … There’s two ways to fold it. You can do the most compact way, and we’ll do that first, in which you take these wheels, there’s a white lever, you push it down and you fold them in until they click, like that. As you can see, at nine pounds, I can lift this stroller around, one handed, no big deal. It’s not heavy.
So, you put those in, that’s going to be the most compact fold. You go ahead like this, these two white levers right here, you push them in, and you’re gonna push the whole stroller down. And then it goes down like that, and then you’re going to fold it in, like that too get your most compact fold. There is a manual lock right here on the back, that you’re gonna secure like that, and there is your folded package. This is tiny guys.
Now, what I would love to see them add is, I would love to see them add some backpack straps, or something so that I can put it on my back because, at nine pounds, that would be super easy. Or, some type of a carry strap. There is no carry strap but, it’s so small, that you can put it inside a large diaper bag to solve all of that.
This stroller is so small, that I have fit it inside my Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared. That’s right, a stroller is in this bag, like that. That is gonna surprise people, when you pull your stroller right out of your diaper bag. So, if you have a large diaper bag, you are gonna be able to put it in there. Now, let’s go ahead and unfold this, and show you how it works.
Now unfolding the stroller isn’t quite as easy as folding the stroller. It does take a little practice to do it as smoothly as you see in the videos but, don’t get frustrated because, I didn’t do it right the first time either. All you have to do is unlock that manual lock here. The buttons on the handlebars, that’s what you’re gonna push. It opens like that, Because I had it in the most compact fold, pull out your back wheels, make sure it’s all locked into place, and there you go.
Like I said, “it’s not gonna be that smooth every time you open it.” You might have to pull it open. Like I said, “the folding, that is the second most compact.” As you can see, the lower wheels are open like that. So, let me just show you again. It’s just of like, you know, you have to practice at it. Push the buttons, just like that. My wheels were already out so, I am ready to go. Now, it is a two handed fold and unfold. This isn’t something you’re gonna do with one hand but, it’s rather easy to do if you just practice a few times before you go on your trip, you will have it down in no time. Just like that.
So, that’s the GB Pockit guys. It is a great travel stroller. It is not a travel system. This is not gonna take an infant care seat. It’s for six months up to 55 pounds, and like I said, “our six year old was even comfortable in the seat.” Now, it doesn’t have a recline so, if you’re looking for a travel stroller that your child can take a nap in, this probably isn’t it. But, if you are short on space with your travels, this is a great option. Plus, it’s so lightweight at nine pounds. So, that’s it. That is my look at the GB Pockit. What do you think about it? Leave a comment and let me know, and I will talk to you later. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more Baby Gizmo videos. Bye.


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