How To Dress Preppy For Less!

Many of us love the look of a nice, clean preppy dresser, but either don’t know how to get that look or believe we can’t afford to dress like a prepster! We have included two videos below that completely prove that theory false and show you not only how to dress preppy, but more importantly how to do it on a budget for less money than you would think! Enjoy!

1. Dress Preppy For Less: My Tips & Tricks by Brooke Miccio!

[learn_more caption=”Transcript for Hearing Impaired”] Hi guys. What’s up? It is Brooke. Today, I’m doing a video, all about how to be preppy for less. I don’t know what these hand gestures are, but they are something. I always shake my hands in videos and then I’ve realized that the clinking of my bracelets is probably so obnoxious and annoying that I’m not going to take them off. I love them. Sorry. I’m always requested to do this video because people are always like, “How do you afford those clothes?” I guess it’s a huge misconception that dressing preppy is always expensive. That is totally not the case because I buy most of my own clothes. I can tell you that I do not have a million dollars. I am not wealthy at all. I work for all my own money and I do most of the shopping for myself and I could certainly tell you that I’m not a millionaire. I have a job and I make cutesy videos, but that does not mean a lot. I’m always looking for the best deals on things and I’m always watching my wallet. We’re going to get started with some of my favorite preppy stores and places you can shop to get the best preppy deals. Everybody talks about this in their prep-for-less videos, but Old Navy is huge. It is actually affiliated with Gap and Banana Republic, fun fact if you did not know that they’re all one company. Old Navy really has the same stuff as the other stores. It’s just less quality, maybe a little bit different, but it’s still trendy and it’s still awesome and it’s still preppy and it’s super cheap. If you’re looking for super cheap preppy basics, go to Old Navy or maybe you just want to dabble into the preppy style, you’re not sure how you feel about it, go to Old Navy, pick up some stuff because you won’t spend a ton of money there. I think that’s the best place to start. My favorite store is J. Crew, but my wallet does not love J. Crew because it is so super expensive and a little bit guilty overpriced, yes, but the quality is so on point. Maybe it’s not, I don’t really know. I love J. Crew though. I do like things from the store, especially their currencies and items. They’re always so gorgeous and I really love them. They’re just super expensive. When I shop at J. Crew, I usually shop in the sale section and they have some amazing deals. I got a t-shirt there for literally $10 the other day. Head back to the sale section, look around. Everything is amazing quality. It’s just overstocked from last season, so you can find some really great stuff there. If you’re looking for more current J. Crew stuff for a little bit less money, go to J. Crew factory or J. Crew factory even ha a website if you don’t have an outlet store near you. I use this website all the time because it is literally, it’s the same thing as J. Crew. It’s just a little bit less quality. It’s actually technically, different line of J. Crew. They do have some really great currencies and products. Everything is super trendy and it’s less money, but it’s still J. Crew. I totally recommend J. Crew factory. Sometimes, J. Crew will just send an email and be like, “Hey, we’re 40 percent off in the entire store today.” Okay no big deal. That’s super cheap. I love it. I love designer items, but I do not own many. Whenever I am looking to invest in something designer, I always check out Rue La La first. Rue La La is a simple sale website. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s similar to Gilt or HauteLook, it’s the exact same thing. I just like Rue La La the best. They have a shipping thing where you pay a little bit for the whole month and then ships free. If you are a avid shopper like me, that’s cool. Everyday they pick a different designer and have a bunch of their items and sometimes, they have some really great preppy deals. I have bought a ton of Lilly stuff in there, Vineyard Vine stuff. Vineyard Vine’s is very rare, but when it comes, it’s great. Michael Kors watches was on recently. I actually told you guys about it on Twitter. If you’re not following me, at Brookexbeauty, you totally should be because I tell you guys about all of the best deals that I’m buying. I really do. This watch, I worn in every single video. I bought it from Michael Kors. I bought it from Nordstrom. I actually got it for Christmas, a few Christmases ago, but my mom got it from Nordstrom. It was on Rue La La for half the price and everybody was asking me where I got it. It comes and it goes and every single day, the stock changes on Rue La La, but I absolutely adore it. I love the link below the sign up. Who knows? I don’t know when Lilly’s coming on nights, but they come on pretty frequently. We’ll definitely check that out. Also, if you are a fan of Lilly Pulitzer, the fun prints and the patterns, but you don’t like it that much because it is super expensive. A shift dress from Lilly can be in the $250 range, that is absurd to me. I own one full price Lilly dress and I wear it all the time because I feel bad if I don’t, but I absolutely adore it too. If you’re looking for Lilly for less, 2 times a year, they have these huge sales on their website. They have the endless summer sale and the new year sale. Those are huge flush sale that they start at 8:00 AM. Just get on Lilly’s mailing list. Go online and put your email in and you’ll know about those whenever they come around. Those are huge. You’ve probably heard about them if you like to dress preppy. You know me. Also, Vineyard Vines does a similar thing. They have flush sales, not very often. I would say I’ve seen a few, maybe 4 emails a year I get and it will be 2 hour intervals of flush sales, but they do 20 percent off the entire Vineyard Vines’ website. That is when I do all my Vineyard Vine shopping because their about, normally $100. 20 percent off does make a pretty significant difference. I also do love the Vineyard Vines’ factory outlet. If you have a local outlets near you, go and explore because there are some great deals that you would never know about. I also love Saks Off 5th, Nordstrom Rack, things like that, you can find really great preppy deals. I’m also a huge fan of T.J.Maxx and Marshalls for polo stuff. I always see polo stuff and I’ve seen a few Kate Spade things there. If you’re looking for more of that brand, just drop. I also love online boutiques. Toby really isn’t preppy, but you can find some nice basics on there. I love [inaudible 00:05:45] dress boutique. A lot of those online boutique e-stores are my fave to shop at. Keep that in mind as well. Thrifting is one of my favorite things to do. I know a lot of people get skived out by it because it’s like, “Oh my God. You’re wearing someone else’s worn clothes.” If you go thrifting, go to the Thrift store, buy whatever you want, bring it home, wash it, you’re golden. I like to buy oversized sweaters and flannels from there. Those are really the two things that i focus on. I found J. Crew men sweaters. I like to wear men sweaters because they’re a little bit bigger and they’re $5. They’re super cheap. Go explore at your local Thrift store. I have a whole separate video on thrifting, I’ll link that down below. My final recommendation, I know Danielle said this in her prep for less video, but it is really so important. It is to invest and keep pieces. Invest in a bag if you’re looking to go and just buy a bag. Spend the extra, whatever it is amount of money and buy a bag that you know will last you for a longer amount of time. If you’re going to buy a school bag, then spend more money on your school bag and buy a Longchamp and you’ll know that it will stick with you for a long period of time. Buy a nice belt, buy a pair of hunter boots, buy a pair of L.L.Bean boots, because two shoes will literally last you your entire life. Buy them as soon as your foot stops growing. Important. Some shoes that I’ve really been digging on lately, are my Nike Lilly Roshes. They are adorable. I got them from an Etsy shop. This is from I will also have this link down below. I thought all of you preppy lovers would absolutely adore this. I posted them on my Instagram today. Another thing, follow me at Brookexbeauty on Insta. I have 10,000 followers in Instagram. That’s pretty unreal. Thank you guys for all of the support. Aren’t these just adorable? Come on. If you’re into preppy things and you’re- These are the kind of things you want to buy. My mom’s like, “Those are so cool. You’re going to bring those to college and no else is going to have those.”, but I’m telling you all my secrets, so shush. Honestly, I take my watches, a investment. Although my mom purchased it for me, things like this are things that you will literally have forever. I got this watch, I think, sophomore year and I’ve worn it every single day. If I don’t wear it, I would feel naked. Invest in the important things. It’s really, really prime. That’s going to be it for my video today on how to be preppy for less. I hope that you guys learned something, took something away from this. If you’re trying to get into preppy style or if you’re already in it and you want to find some more deals, I got you, I’m going to leave everything. There’s going to be a million sample. Literally, a million. Go check that out. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. As I’ve said, follow me on my social medias. If you enjoyed, give it a huge thumbs up and subscribe to my channel because I post new videos every single Tuesday. Talk to you guys all later. Bye guys. [/learn_more]

2. Prep for Less: Fashion on a Budget by Danielle Marie!

[learn_more caption=”Transcript for Hearing Impaired”] What’s up guys, hope you’re doing well, hope you’re having and amazing Saturday or whatever day you’re having, whatever day it is, I hope you’re having a great one. Today I’m sitting in a semi-different set, but I’m just trying to switch up the angles, and it’s kind of fun, I kind of like it because I feel like … I don’t know. Let me know in the comments book if you like the setup, I will definitely do it again. But today I’m going to be filming a super requested video that I never really have the idea off and I was like, that’s such a good idea. I will be doing a video prep for less, which is I got from what a lot of you guys have asked me to do this kind of video where I talk about where I’ve gotten things that are kind of that preppy style that are not as expensive or just kind of tips and tricks to having a preppy style and outlook but not having to spend the big bang on it. This is not like buying knock offs or anything, I know you guys don’t really like that, but kind of just more so having that appearance and waiting to get some great deals that I know off, and yeah, I thought this would be a really fun video to film and I love the preppy style and everything like that. But before we get started I realize this is so basic and so random at the same time, I’ve kind of become obsessed with Twitter, I’ve always been an Instagram kind of girl and I still love Instagram, don’t get me wrong. But I have realized how awesome Twitter is, it’s just so funny. You just have like a thought, just tweet it. Like hello. I say hello too much. Like I say, I’m joking about it but I’m not really. Anyways, you guys should definitely follow me on Twitter. I love tweeting you guys, talking to you guys. I follow a lot of you guys my ratio on Twitter is kind of crazy, because a follow a lot of you guys and we talk and it’s really fun and I always ask quick question and I always ask you guys and, I don’t know, it’s really fun. My Twitter is @THEMAKEUPBYD, it was Danielle Marie but it’s @THEMAKEUPBYD. Without further ado let’s get to this long and short into the video. I love the preppy style, it’s very classic but kind of a fun and writer twist to it, that’s like like I would describe it. There’s a lot of different description of prep. When I think preppy, I think not a cool or clean lines or clean cut, I think of Vineyard Vines, I think of Lilly Pulitzer, I think of Jay Crew, those names are quite expensive, you know. Vineyard Vines, yeah, actually that’s expensive. A Lily dress is like 300 bucks and honestly I love their dresses but sometimes you don’t want to drop 300 bucks on a dress you’re going to … So my kind of trick, and basically, I don’t know, I don’t really like to share this tip because it’s kind of a little thing. It’s not like a huge thing, I’m sure a lot of people do it too. My biggest thing on dressing crappy is like my whole wardrobe doesn’t need to be from Jay Crew. Basically what I’m saying is I buy inexpensive clothing usually and more expensive accessories. I actually find a lot of Flavor 21 and H&M basics that you can really dress up. Basically what I do is I buy … I do buy something like this shirt from Jay Crew, I’m a bad example, Danielle, but cleverly they’re just like Denim shirts. I’m a big fun of … I’ve kind of recently tried to buy more expensive things but they’re useful a lot more and they’re just like essentials but this is … That’s not for this video. What I usually do is I buy my basics from Flavor 21 or H&M and whether it will be like a nice colored button down kind of shirt, it’s like a basic white button down that you can dress up with a maybe Jay Crew statement necklace that you can wear on many different things. I feel like my outfit look a little bit more put together and more crappy if you will. A few stores I really recommend for clothing … I don’t know, here’s another thing, it’s like my pants don’t need to be Diane von Fürstenberg or whatever, however you say that name. More about the accessory, I feel like they really dress up and make it look more expensive, not that that’s what I’m looking for but it’s kind of the preppy style. I mean, that’s what you guys asked for. Flavor 21 had a great selection. People really trash Flavor 21 but I’ve had a great stuff that have lasted a couple of years, so maybe that’s just me. But they’re really up in their game recently, as well as H&M which I talked about, they have a lot of great things, I’m trusting that. Another thing that have really one of mine recently would be Old Navy, and when you think of Old Navy, it’s like Old Navy, I don’t know. But when I think of Old Navy I think about, oh my gosh, they have a really cute clothing and I want you guys to pause this video, actually wait till I end the video and go on or go to Old Navy, the store, they have a great step, it’s like pretty preppy closet kind of style and so inexpensive and great, I really love Old Navy, they are the cutest things, I had a lot at school [inaudible 00:04:56]. I really like Old Navy and they’re great to have them, they have a lot of stripped shirts, button downs, cute chambray tops and literally they’re like Jay Crew’s little cousin. On the lines of Jay Crew, I know sometimes Jay Crew can be overly expensive, this is actually from Jay Crew factory, and that’s my next point. Jay Crew factory, if you do still like Jay Crew kind of style, I do too. Obviously Jay Crew factory, I feel like there’s a Jay Crew outlet or something. or something like that, it’s authentic, it’s all from Jay Crew, they have great sales delivery, they sell all the time, they have sales on their outlet website there’s like sales on the sales, it’s literally awesome. I’ve gotten some great deals and I honestly like the clothing better on Jay Crew Factory, it’s a little bit more youthful and stuff you ware every day rather than more business outfit on Guys I know a lot of bloggers that I follow or just like Instagram and stuff that do this. They go to Crew Cut, Crew Cut is like the section in Jay Crew that’s like for kids but they go to size 16 or 18 or something and if you really like Jay Crew shift dresses, which I know I do, or some of their skirts and you’re like 0, 1, or even 3, I range in that size, I don’t even know what size I am. You can fit into the shift dresses or make it into a shirt and it’s less expensive, so you want to do that too you can go for that. I have a little list because let’s just take all the stress of me. As for accessories, I think the biggest accessory for a preppy have a style would be pearl earnings and I know you guys are like, “Wow, mine, that’s off the rough, that’s so expensive.” Well, personally for me are know some of you guys are going to be like, “Huh.” But for pearl earrings I don’t feel like you have to have real once, especially if you really like the bigger once and I think I love bigger cool earrings, these are huge studs and they’re obviously not real. I know there is ways to tell the difference, if you buy them or do something, but like to the blind eye, it’s going to be like, oh my God, even so, pearls like these are so expensive obviously someone still realize that they’re not real pearls. I don’t know, I just like the style of them anyways. That’s just me. So you’re [inaudible 00:07:19] but that’s just me, I personally just like the look of pearls, so these are from Claire’s actually, they came in a pack of these really big once and they’re like a little bit smaller and a little bit smaller so you get decisions. I think pearl earrings are a big statement to your crappy wardrobe and really can transform any outfit like this. I love pearls, they really add a classic touch to any outfit. Also about clothing, that’s kind of more inexpensive. If you go to the drift store, I think flannels, if you guys watch [inaudible 00:07:51] which I love her, hi Brooke, she loves clowns and she she goes drift stores all the time to get flannel. I think flannel are super great preppy statement because you can just buy any kind of flannel from the drift store or whatever and make sure they don’t smell like old grandpa though because that’s not just the look we’re going for. Like a nice puffer vest over, which Old Navy has great puffer vest and you can just wear that over with some jeggings and boots and they’re good to go and it looks great. Flannels are always great statement for your crappy wardrobe and you can get really cheap one from drift store even [inaudible 00:08:25] or H&M, also Target. This is a very rambling video. Can you tell? Target has great clothing, they’re kind of like classic, I love it. For me, I don’t necessarily buy their clothing, I have more of their accessories, like the stationary and everything. I really by Lily Clothing necessarily but I like it, it makes me feel good. Speaking of Lily, they always have … It’s either two types a year, three times a year, something like that. Their Lily after party sales or they have these big, big sales. When they have sales, they have sales, which is awesome. If you want to … One of these sales happen, wake up really early, I know it’ snot your thing, and buy ton then and they’re really just carrying … You can have your stock of nice things. I really hope this helped you guys at all, it was super real classic so I thought I would do. I thought it was kind of a fun and different video. Comment down below any video request that you guys have because you girl has the ideas and yeah, again if you like this video mention to subscribe for videos every Wednesday and Saturday. I love you guys very much and I’ll see you next Wednesday for my next video. Bye guys. Already guys, so that wraps up today’s video, I really enjoyed making it for you guys, make sure that turn on the last video that I made, so check it out. Make sure to subscribe, if you like what you see, I post videos every Wednesday and Saturday and have a great day guys, bye. [/learn_more]



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