7. Your Personal Party Planner

I love your enthusiasm for having friends and being able to enjoy play dates and parties together. [wp_ad_camp_2]I would love to help you arrange these types of things from our couch at home or in your bedroom or even in mine. However as I am trying to drive away from the school and hoping to avoid manslaughter charges running over a young child who undoubtedly is going to dart in front of my car, it is not the time for me to try texting your new beste friend of the day’s mom so that you can have a play date. While I enjoy helping you to make new friends, it is not in my job outline to do so on the drive home from school.

Today you can not talk or text or hold a cell phone in your hand while driving. It has been proven to be dangerous and sometimes even deadly.

Sometimes I believe that there should be laws preventing you from being able to drive a car with those little ones who call you mom in the car. Kids are far more tempting and dangerous than cell phones. Since I love you each more than I love my own life it is easy for me to remind you gently that when I am driving…I need to be driving. Do you understand now?


Your Laughing Mommy



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