Combi Fold N Go Stroller Reviews

The Combi Fold N Go stroller is one of the newest lightweight strollers on the market. Overall, we like this stroller. It is medium sized, lighter weight, and has a lot of the features and functionality of larger strollers. We have included a few full video reviews below from reputable reviewers on YouTube in addition to a few real customer reviews!

Professional Review #1:

[learn_more caption=”Transcript for Hearing Impaired”]Hey everybody it’s Holly from Baby Gizmo and today we’re taking a look at the Combi fold and go single stroller. Now we did the review on the double version a few weeks ago so if you missed that and you’re looking for a double stroller just click right there and that is going to take you to the double review. If you’re looking for a single stroller that’s light weight, compact and easy to travel with, let’s take a look at the Combi fold and go single.

The Combi has a 50 pound weight capacity and it’s good for 6 months and up according to Combi. Now let’s take a look at the seat. It is 15 inches wide, a very wide seat. It has a 17 inch seat back. Now that’s quite a short seat back but your taller children are still going to fit in the seat because it has a 28 inch from the back to the top of the canopy measurement, so this is 28 inches, back [inaudible 00:00:49] to the top of the canopy, so your taller children are going to fit in there.

Now it has a padded adjustable 5 point harness. It even has a baby tray over here that you can swing away like that or you can remove it all together. It has a cup holder on the side which is awesome. It does not have an adjustable calf or a leg rest but it does have a place where the child can set their feet.

Let’s look at this recline. Now that short seat back is going to come into play when we’re talking about the recline. Now it’s a one handed strap recline. All you’ve got to do is push the grey button and it stops wherever you would like it to stop. Now it does not have a full flat recline and that’s why Combi only recommends it for 6 months and up.

It has a piece back here that you can roll up and it’s going to expose a large windows so a lot of air can circulate through this seat. Now I told you that it’s a short seat back and it has this mesh piece right here and what this is for is it prevents a small baby from sliding out, if they somehow get out of the straps, from sliding out, falling out of the seat. It is a safety precaution but even though it’s a short seat back they did make this mesh piece come out quite a bit. As you can see it’s arched quite a bit like that so it is going to give your child some extra headroom. If you have a taller child laying down their head probably will hit against this because you can’t fold it away, it’s just there but I do like that it does come out like that. Then if it’s cold or stormy you can just put that down. This is a large pocket on the back of the canopy for parent essentials which is great and we also have a cup holder over here for mom or dad.

Let’s move onto the basket. The basket is a large [inaudible 00:02:32] basket. You’re going to get a large diaper bag in here. You can even access it from the side if you would like. The wheels, it rolls on a 9 and a half inch rear wheels and 6 and a half inch front wheels. Now these front wheels are swivel wheels to get a great maneuverability but they have the ability to latch with this grey button and you do lock them individually which is very common and that’s going to allow you to go over a little bit more mommy terrain which is playground mulch, gravel and grass. It’s going to keep it from getting caught in every bump. Then when you’re just going out and about you keep them in swivel mode.

There is a one set break back here. You just step down on either side and that’s going to engage the break and then slightly lift up with your toe and that’s going to let it go free.

Now let’s talk about the canopy, it’s a very large canopy. It even has this pop up sun visor for extra sun protection and you can push that in if you don’t need it, so very large canopy which I love. There is a large mesh window back here, it’s a peek a boo window but it’s huge. The child can see out on the sides, they don’t feel so enclosed plus it’s all mesh so it allows air to circulate through. I can see the rider in the stroller with no problem from pretty much every angle so it’s a really good peek a boo window. It does have a cover. It does not seal closed with Velcro or [inaudible 00:03:47] closure but it’s okay because it does seem to stay closed just by laying it there.

Now let’s talk about this handle. This is a fixed handle. It does not telescope out but it is a little bit taller. It’s 41 inches from the ground to where I place my hands so it is good for, I would say, short to medium sized parents. If you are super tall, let’s say over 6 foot 2 then I would go ahead and check it out before a bigger stroller but it’s absolutely fine for me and I am 5.5.

Let’s show you how the stroller folds because that’s one of the best features of the stroller and that’s why they call it the fold and go. So easy to do that you can do it with one hand. Now you want to go ahead and lock the stroller into place. Put back your canopy. There’s a red safety button over here. You’re going to have to push that, it stays open once you push it once so again I can do this all with one hand. Then there’s a strap in the center of the seat, you’re going to go ahead and pull it up like that. It folds down. Did you hear that? That was automatic lock right over here so it automatically locks.

It weighs just over 16 pounds so it’s very, very light weight and easy for on the go. Very compact, it’s a very compact package, so again, it’s really great for travel. It even has a standing hold as long as you get the wheels in the right place just like that. So really, really good compact fold and then all you have to do is unlock it to unfold it, lift up on your handle bar, give it a shake until you hear all the locks lock into place so that’s it. That’s the Combi fold and go. It has some great features for on the go such as the easy one handed compact fold and I love when I can do things with one hand because you know what? You’re either holding another child’s hand or a diaper bag or getting your keys out. You’re always doing something with the other hand so I love it’s a one handed fold. I love that there’s a parent’s cup holder and a child cup holder or snack tray depending on how you want to use it.

The handle bar is pretty decent, it’s pretty high. I love the huge canopy. This is a full coverage canopy and I love the fact that it’s only 16 pounds. Again, if you wanted to see this in a doubles mode there is a full review on that. You can just click there, open it up again. Click right there and that will take you to the double review but this is the single. It retails for just over 200 dollars, it’s 229 I believe so that’s it. Leave a comment, let me know what you like about it, what you think would be better and I will talk to you later. I’m Holly from Baby Gizmo. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel if you’d like to see more videos from Baby Gizmo. Bye.[/learn_more]

Professional Review #2:

[learn_more caption=”Transcript for Hearing Impaired”]Hi, everyone. This is Elizabeth from Being MVP, and this is the Combi Fold N Go Stroller. As you can see, it folds down pretty small, and to open it, there’s this latch, pull on it, and there you go. Pretty easy, quick, and you can even probably do it with a toddler on your hip. As you can see, it is like a full-size stroller but very sleek, clean lines, rolls pretty easily with just one hand. It has a generous-size here and this material is awesome. It is light, yet protects your babe.

Back here, you can even flip it open so there’s mesh here, which allows for extra air to get through in case it’s a really hot day. We just got back from the beach. We took this on the sand. There’s still some sand on it. It rolls pretty easily if you’re pulling it from the back, but it’s kind of tough if your child is sitting in it because obviously it makes heavy. When you push back, it’s got this really nice bar right here, which can easily be taken off to allow your child in and out. There’s this little lever right here. Just pull on it, pops in and out, so if your child is old enough to climb out by themselves, you can unsnap them from the harness, pull this open. They can step out. They can step in, pull it down, there you go.

It has this nice harness for safety, which is easily adjustable. You just adjust it to their height. You take it apart right here, push it through, pull it through, however high your child is, and do that. The seat is padded, so your child will be comfortable. What’s really nice about this that I like is the large storage basket. I carry around a lot of stuff with the kids. You could easily put a huge bag, just put it back through here, very easy. Just pop it in. There’s a lot of sand in right now. We can clean that out easily.

If you want to adjust the seat for a child to go lower or higher, depending on if they’re napping, you just pull on this, fold the seat down, this folds over. The child is protected from the sun, noise, what-not when you’re out. To adjust it up so they can [inaudible 00:02:46], just pull and there you go. It has really a nice generous-size pocket. You could stash all the things that you need to get to quickly in. I love it. I filled it up when we were there. Put our sunscreen in there, put my wallet, put the camera. We were good to go. It’s pretty solid.

It has a nice cup holder for the parents, pops off, puts in. Awesome. The brake is really easy to use, step down, push up, sandal friendly as you can see, leather sandals. It’s hot right now. We’re on vacation in Florida. It’s doing really well, this stroller. As you can see, love it, sleek looking. The wheels roll easily. The wheels actually lock if you want to just have them straight, but for my purposes, I like them like this, easily turn. Pretty awesome. Kids always love their own cup holder, toddler drinks.

The nice feature, here you go, is the fold. That’s where its name comes from. You see this little red tab here and there is a screw, so what you do is you’re going to push it in, if you see that, so it’s unlocked. You push it in, and then there is a lever right here. It even says, pull to fold, so it’s right where your child’s seat and the back meet. It’s underneath. Sometimes you can see it, sometimes you can’t, and you have that in unlock position and you pull. There you go. It locks easily, carry it around, not too heavy, and then put it away in your trunk, minimal space. Awesome. Very travel friendly. Take it right up to the gate. They’ll put it under the airplane, bring it right up, and there you have it. Another great product from Combi. The Combi Fold N Go Stroller. Thanks.[/learn_more]

Professional Review #3:

[learn_more caption=”Transcript for Hearing Impaired”]Kensey:            Hi. I’m Kensey from [Mangus 00:00:01] Life and Classy Mommy, and this is the Combi Stroller.

Speaker 2:       The Combi Fold N Go from Combi USA.

Kensey:            This is my cousin Luna who loves it.

Speaker 2:       This is baby Luna who’s 15 months, and she adores this stroller. My sister in law, and baby Luna have been testing this out for how long? How long? For three months they’ve been testing this out. It’s actually replaced a [Britax 00:00:19] that they had before. They even use it oftentimes more than their BOB stroller I think. We even took Luna to the beach in this. The wheels are really sturdy. Super light-weight …

Kensey:            It can spin.

Speaker 2:       … What do you love, Luna?

Speaker 3:       She loves the cup-holder.

Speaker 2:       Lookin’ at the mic. You love the lap-bar, right?

Speaker 3:       [crosstalk 00:00:33] She loves the cup-holder there.

Speaker 2:       This is a great lap-bar for her to hold onto [crosstalk 00:00:36] as you can see. She can right up front, and feel real good.

Kensey:            It’s also really comfortable.

Speaker 2:       Then we’ve got an amazing sunshade. Right, Luna? It’s an amazing sunshade.

Kensey:            What’s really cool about the sunshade is that there’s this little flap. You can put it up if you want to see your baby.

Speaker 2:       You can check on her …

Kensey:            Oh, yeah.

Speaker 2:       … See what’s going on, right? Then we’ve got a cup-holder for mom and dad which is great. We’ve also got … I think … Do we have a little brake, guys? Yes, we also have a brake in the back which is fantastic, [crosstalk 00:00:59] and we have a ton of storage area, which a lot of regular strollers don’t have.

Speaker 3:       We have a [inaudible 00:01:04]

Speaker 2:       No. That’s just a little flap here. We’ve got this really big basket at the bottom. Woo, look how cute she is. She’s hammin’ it up for the camera.

Kensey:            She really likes it too.

Speaker 2:       Then back here, look, a built in bag that we can store stuff in. It’s great to keep baby toys, your phone, some snacks for baby, for mom. You can keep your water bottle right here, or you can even put your phone, which is great when you’re on a walk. We love it. It’s awesome. I should say Luna loves it. She’s already waving bye. We have to tell ’em how much it costs. Right now it’s on sale at Target for $229. There’s also a double Fold N Go from Combi that came out this Spring in April too, which is awesome, so if you’ve got two little ones you can use that. Luna, you’re talkin’. You’re talkin’. Shall we say bye, bye now? Say thanks Combi …

Kensey:            Bye.

Speaker 3:       Bye.

Speaker 2:       … We love it. Bye, bye.[/learn_more]

Real Customer Reviews from Amazon:

5 out of 5: Wife lives the stroller. Acually has space under the bottom for storage. Stoller rides very smooth too

5 out of 5: We love and trust Combi so much that after our family’s first Combi stroller retired (it lasted about 4 years in good shape), we immediately purchased this one. This one is super easy to assembly and fold, very light but stable. The black color…

5 out of 5: As a mother, one of the biggest buys you will need is going to be a stroller. You are going to want one that is safe, easy to use, well made, as well as durable! The Combi Fold N Go Stroller is ALL OF THAT! When I was looking for a stroller I was looking at price, safety, durability, as well as easy to set up and use. I found that this Fold N Go Combi Stroller was the perfect fit for all of those!! This stroller has a weight capacity of 50 pounds, which is GREAT!!

My son who is eight months and 20 pounds just loves this stroller, We both love that it sits up as well as lays down. You can tell he loves it, since he gets a big smile and just light sup just seeing the stroller much less when getting…

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