Our Thoughts on the Combi F2 Plus AF Double/Twin Attachable & Detachable Stroller!

The late-spring, early-summer JPMA show just wrapped up in California. It is an industry wide trade show in the Juvenile Industry and hosts pretty much all major retailers and brands.

Each year or season, the JPMA awards various awards to different products/brands based on innovation, safety, and more! This year Combi won an innovation award for its F2 Plus AF Lightweight Double Stroller design! So we thought we would share our thoughts on the pros and cons and of course the innovative features of the F2’s stroller design.

Overall, the most innovative part of the F2’s design is that Combi was able to take two super lightweight single strollers and connect them in the middle to make one double stroller! Wow, super smart! It’s not for everyone, but there’s definitely a market for such a stroller.

So when we hear of items like this, we become a little weary. From our experience when an item is designed to be multi-functional, it’s usually mediocre in multiple functions rather than fantasticat one! This Combi stroller kind of falls in line with that notion.

The F2 Plus AF single stroller is really lightweight and stylish, but it lacks in features when you compare it to other strollers in its price range like the GB Pockit, GB Qbit, Mountain Buggy Nano, ZOE XL1, and ZOE XLC. Take the ZOE strollers for example and for a lower price you get a stroller that weighs the same roughly, comes with all kinds of standard features like cup holders and belly bars, and they have WAY bigger canopies and recline almost completely flat.

So in our opinion, the Combi F2 Plus AF single stroller is either overpriced or under featured, depending on how you want to look at it. There are just way better options out there.

Ok so that brings us to the Combi F2 Plus AF Double. In short, you have a super cool and innovative feature and idea in the ability to combine and attach and then detach two strollers. It’s genius, BUT yiuve gotta look at the strollers you are combining and the end result. Also, what will the price be, $400? If so, it’s way overpriced compared to the Joovy Groove Twin and the ZOE XL2 BEST v2, both of which are better feature wise regardless of the “splitting” function of then F2 twin stroller.

Here’s probably the one kicker that we learned that gave us an ad taste in our mouths about the Combi F2 Plus Double, it’s really really wide! Like so wide that it can’t fit through standard doorways! Ugh. Yikes. That’s kind of a deal breaker for us!

So in summary, if Combi could make the F2 Sk game stroller way more feature rich and less expensive, and then figure out way to combine two of them so that they are not as wide as a standard doorway when attached, we would be huge fans. We just can’t get behind anything other than the concept on the current F2 AF Double Stroller that Combi plans to realease. There’s just way better options out there even without the cool innovative attach and split technology!

Please feel free to ask questions about the F2 Plus AF or any other strollers below in the comments and we’ll be happy to answer!!

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