Best Lightweight Strollers for Tall Parents (2022)

What is the best lightweight stroller for tall parents?

Our top choice is the Summer Infant 3D Mini stroller. We analyzed the handle bar height, weight, and other important specs and features of the leading lightweight strollers below.

#1Summer Infant 3D Mini$49
#2BabyZen YoYo2$529
#3UppaBaby G-Luxe$199
#4Inglesina Quid$299

Our Analysis

When researching and analyzing the best lightweight strollers for tall parents, we looked at two different specs primarily (handlebar height and weight). So we wanted to first find strollers that were super lightweight, but also had a really tall handlebar. Then we started to look into whats called kickspace. Thats the triangular volume area in between your foot, the axle of the stroller, and the handlebar.

Based on our analysis we can up with our list which ranks the top 4 lightweight strollers that we think are best for tall parents.

#1 Summer Infant 3D Mini

The Summer Infant 3D Mini is our top choice lightweight stroller for tall parents based on our analysis of the features mentioned above. It’s not the most expensive option or the nicest stroller out there, but it checked all the boxes for the criteria we felt was most important in this particular analysis.


The 3D Mini has a handlebar height of 37″ which is taller than most other lightweight strollers. It’s technically a classic umbrella stroller styled frame which two single pistol grips. This allows for a naturally higher handle and sets up better for taller parents with the handles pointing vertically.

In addition, with a weight of 15lbs, the 3D Mini is one of the lightest strollers on the market. Lastly, the kickspace is significantly higher on the 3D Mini. We feel that is probably the most important feature for tall parents to consider who purchasing a stroller. You can have a tall handle and not necessary have a lot of kickspace. It all depends on the actual angle of the handlebar itself.

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