Top 10 Best Baby Walkers of 2019: The Definitive Buying Guide!

Ranked #2 – Chicco Lil Piano & and DJ Baby Walkers

Do you want to encourage your baby to be a musical genius? Why not get them started young with the Chicco Little Piano or DJ Baby Walkers. These walkers are going to help encourage your little one to build on their musical genius while they are learning to walk. In a sense you will be killing two stones at once and helping them to develop. Chicco is one of the leaders in baby and children’s products. You are going to love that you chose this high quality brand as it is going to offer you and your little one everything that you want.

[wp_ad_camp_2]Price Point:
The Chicco walkers both cost $69.99. This a price point where you can expect the walker to have everything that you need. Plus you can be sure that it is going to have some perks, bells, and whistles that other walkers do not have.

Entertainment Console:
The entertainment console on both of these walkers features a ton of musical fun for your little one. The consoles are removable for easier storage and cleaning. They feature sounds and lights so that your little one can enjoy playing with them for hours.

Seat Fabric and Padding:
The seat on the Chicco brand walkers are made to be ergonomic. This way you can be sure that they are comfortable when they are playing. In addition the seat features a high back and comfortable padding to make your baby feel great while playing. The material of the seat is comfortable and easy to clean. You can wipe it clean or throw it in the wash if needed as it is fully removable.

Number of Height Adjustable Positions:
There are three heights adjustments available with the Chicco walkers. These three heights mean that you are going to be able to have your baby walking for longer in the walker. Through the three positions you will be able to watch your baby keep growing.

These walkers have the ability to be folded into a small compact size. This is great for being able to travel or for easy storage. In addition since you can remove the entertainment console, you are going to be able to really get the walker flat.

The Chicco walkers offer you a unique and innovative wheel design. These wheels can be made to be stationary as well. This is a great feature because it can ensure that you can keep your little one safe. If you are in a place where your child is not able to move around you can create a stationary entertainment center for them.

Anti-Skid Safety Pads:
The Chicco Little Piano and DJ Baby Walkers also feature anti-skin safety pads. These are great for helping to make sure that your little one can get around a little easier. They are also perfect for getting your little one to where they are going quicker.

Size and Weight:
The Chicco walkers measure 21” x 25.75” x 31.25”. These walkers are a little bit bigger than some others so if you have a really confined space they might not work best for you. However with their great features and the fact that you can make them stationary the extra space really seems worth it to me. The walker weighs just 10 lbs so you can easily take it with you.

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