Top 10 Best Baby Walkers of 2019: The Definitive Buying Guide!

Ranked #4 – Combi All in One Baby Walker

The Combi All in One Baby Walker features a very attractive classic car design. In fact this is one of the cutest baby walkers that I have ever seen. The classic car look will leave your little one cruising in style. It not only allows your baby to learn to walk to explore their environment but it also features a lockable position where your little one is going to be able to bounce and jump. This position is perfect for active babies in areas where there is not enough room to explore or where exploring could be dangerous. The Combi brand has been one of the most celebrated brands for innovative products for babies and toddlers. Their gear is made with superior quality in mind and with the latest innovations to keep your little one cruising around and having fun.

In addition this walker features a number of different designs that you can choose from. You can pick a color that is going to match your décor, room theme, or your baby’s personality. This is a great thing about this walker since it has so many additional features that are not there.

[wp_ad_camp_2]Price Point:
The Combi All in One Baby Walker is for sale at $119.99. This price point might seem a little high for a walker but when you consider that you are getting a walker and jumper in one it is very reasonable. You will also love the quality and all of the additional features and perks that you get with this walker.

Entertainment Console:
The entertainment console on the walker is awesome. It features mirrors, toys with lights and sounds, and really makes your little one feel like they are driving in style. In addition to this there is a very large and roomy food and drink tray which means that using this as a temporary place for meals or as a place for your little one to eat snacks makes it really convenient. You can access this tray by removing the hood of the car.

Seat Fabric and Padding:
The seat features a thick layer of padding making it one of the most comfortable walkers on the market. You can remove the fabric from the seat for easy cleaning if you have a big mess. With most small messes you can easily wipe this seat clean.

Number of Height Adjustable Positions:
There are three different height positions available with the Combi All in One Baby Walker. These three heights allow your baby to use this longer. Plus since it can be changed between the stationary jumper and the walker you are really able to use this walker much longer than you can use most of them.

This walker does not appear to fold as small as some of the others. Since you can lock it stationary like a jumper you can leave it in this position and save room because you will not have a need for both a jumper and a walker. Instead you can just have this one baby activity toy in your home.

This walker features high quality wheels. One great thing about the Combi brand is that you can pick up accessories and pieces should something go wrong. You can actually purchase full replacement wheels which will give you the best option for being able to keep your baby cruising along easily.

Anti-Skid Safety Pads:
The Combi All in One Baby Walker features anti-skid safety pads. This is going to make your little one safer and will also keep them cruising along happily. This is one thing that I personally would be looking for in a walker because they seem to really enhance the safety and the ease for your little one.

Size and Weight:
The walker measures 26” x 25” x 21.5” which is definitely smaller than some. This is nice since you are going to need to leave it stationary in your home. It is also great for you to use as a jumper. The walker does weigh 14 lbs making it a little heavier than some and also making it harder to move around with than some of the walkers available today.

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