Top 10 Best Baby Walkers of 2019: The Definitive Buying Guide!

Ranked #8 – Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2 in 1 Baby Walker

If you are looking for the traditional baby walker that features bright primary colors then the Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2 in 1 Baby Walker is just what you have been searching for. This walker definitely looks like it was made with your little one in mind. It also has two walking positions. You can use it as a baby walker when your little one is smaller and unable to stand on their own. Once they are standing on their own and trying to walk, you can change positions so that they can push it. Kolcraft has been around for many years and has been one of the leaders in toys for infants. This is the perfect walker that has been designed to meet your needs as well as your infant’s.

[wp_ad_camp_2]Price Point:
The Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2 in 1 Baby Walker is priced at just $49.99. Now most of the walkers that are in this price range are not created equal to the more expensive models. However this is one that is surprising for the price point and it seems that Kolcraft did not skimp on features to make this one.

Entertainment Console:
This walker features an entertainment console that is so much fun for your little one. There is a spinning ball that baby can hit and spin; a flower that has crinkle leaves, a textured stem, and a mirror; and a bead bar that will help them develop their fine motor skills. The entertainment console is removable as well so that makes it easier to store and clean.

Seat Fabric and Padding:
The high back is made from foam for extra comfort. The seat has some padding but is not the most padded seat. It still looks comfortable for your little on though. It is fully removable and machine washable as well.

Number of Height Adjustable Positions:
The walker is not just height adjustable but it can also be converted into a push toy. This walker is going to be around for a long time and will entertain your little one much longer than most. Personally being able to grow with this means that your child is going to be able to use it for longer.

The walker folds flat and with the entertainment console removed it is very slim and easy to store. Slim storage makes this walker unique. Of course if you want it to be really slim you have to remove the entertainment console first.

The wheels on the walker are independent and feature a swivel motion. This makes it easier for your little one to move around. They have a wider range of motion with these wheels.

Anti-Skid Safety Pads:
The walker features non-skid pads that reduce friction on the base to make it easier to maneuver. This is one feature that you do not want your child to do without. If your child does not have the anti-skid pads then you are going to find that they might not be able to move as easily.

Size and Weight:
The Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2 in 1 Baby Walker measures 25” x 24.3” x 30” and weighs just 8 lbs. When folded you will want to note that the measurement are much smaller. With the walker being so light it is the perfect walker to travel with and take anywhere that you are headed.

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