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Baby Joggers’ newest stroller, the City Lux, is the perfect stroller for parents looking for some extra convenience features while getting the durability and functionality so well known and beloved by Baby Jogger fans.
The City Lux strollers features a handbrake with a full lock as well as a decelerator. In order to decelerate the stroller, just pull back on the gray brake bar. If you would like to come to a full stop, push the gray bar fully forward until you hear a click. To release the full brake, pull back on the black tab until the gray bar snaps back into its regular position.

The City Lux is a very tall stroller, especially when the handlebar is fully extended. In order to extend the handlebar to its full height, press the gray button and pull up on the handlebar. In order to place the handlebar at its original height, press the gray button again and push down on the bar.

The wheels on the Baby Jogger City Lux lock in place for when you hit rough terrain. To lock them, press down on the gray button, move the ring over and then jiggle the wheel a little bit til it all snaps in. To release the lock, press the button down and slide the ring over to the other side.

The wheels on the City Lux also feature added suspension. This makes for a smoother ride for you and your littles. Additionally, the tires are now a full soft rubber tire. This is ensured that you will not have to ever reinflate you tire, that the look is more streamlined on the stroller and that the stroller is lighter than the City Select model.

The City Lux is a double modular stroller, meaning that the two seats are able to turn to face forward or face towards you. In order to change the direction of the seat, press down on the gray buttons on either side, lift the seat up, turn it around and then click it back into place.

In order to recline the seats on the Lux, press up on the gray button on the upper back of the seat and pull it downwards to recline. In order to bring the seat back up, press the button in again and push it upwards.
Installing the second seat for the Baby Jogger City Lux is easy. Take the two adapters and place them in their respective slots. The doors covering each slot will automatically retract when you insert the adapter. Once in place, insert the seat into the slots in the direction you prefer.

The seats also feature adjustable footrest for when your littles need a place to rest their feet and relax, or if it needs to be out of their way. Press in the two black buttons on either side of the footrest and move it up or down to find the angle that is perfect for your child.

The Lux seats offer extra storage options featuring a large mesh pocket on the lower back and a mid sized zippered pocket on the upper back.

The storage basket on the City Lux is slightly different from the City Select’s. Instead of having to use a zipper to get inside of the storage basket, you can now press down on the mesh in either the front or the back to access anything you have placed in there. Alternatively, if you are using the single seat option and your child is outside of the stroller, you can fold the seat up and have full access to the storage basket.

The Lux features a special jump seat accessory. To install the jump seat footrest, align the outside hooks of the footrest with the slots in the rear axle and the inside hooks of the rear axle itself. Rotate the foot plate down until everything snaps into place. To install the jump seat itself, center the seat on the upper rear axle, snap the clips into the frame and then snap the bottom hook onto the upper rear axle.

In order to fold the City Lux in the single stroller mode, pull up on the fold tabs, lift it up and then allow everything to collapse. The lock on the Lux will automatically close. When you are ready to unfold the City Lux, undo the lock, place the stroller on the ground and lift the stroller handle up.

To fold the Lux as a double stroller, first remove the front seat and fold the back seat up. Replace the front seat and fold it up as well. Then pull up on the fold tabs and allow everything to collapse into place. Because of this fold technique, the Lux is 30% smaller than the original City Select when folded.

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