7 Painless Ways Your Family Can Save Money Now!

Making money is hard, but spending it is fun! There are so many fun things to do with money from great food to cool clothes to awesome vacations to fun toys! At the end of the day, most people would agree that the best feeling you can get from money is the feeling it provides when it’s saved up in your bank account. That’s a different feeling than the immediate yet temporary feeling that a new pair of shoes or fondue dinner will provide. It’s a lasting feeling of security and freedom. There’s nothing like it! While some people can be extremists on both ends of the spectrum (spending vs saving) we feel a good balance is healthy. Have fun, but be smart!

No one likes to save money in ways that are painful and very noticeable, but all of us can sacrifice just a little if it means a long term feeling of security and freedom! Below you’ll find a few relatively painless money saving tips that we feel most families could put into place to save a few bucks every month!

1. Cut down on Starbucks

Trust us, we freaking LOVE Starbucks too, but it’s amazing how much $$$ you can save by going there a few times less per month, especially if you’re going every day! Homemade coffee isn’t THAT bad!

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