6 Real-World Reasons to Cut TV Time

That is just amazing! Surprised family of four bonding to each other and keeping mouth open while watching TV at home together
A portly purple dinosaur has taken over my TV, and I’m seriously considering not paying the cable bill just to get rid of him. It’s no big secret that screen time isn’t good for kids. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends nixing television viewing altogether for toddlers under 2, and strictly limiting it for children ages 3 and up. That said, whether it’s on the box hanging from your family room wall, your laptop, the iPad or your phone, it’s likely that your young child is watching something sometime somewhere.

I’m not here to pull out my little soapbox and blast you with the developmental and psychological reasons (although there are many) for cutting your little one’s TV time down to pint-sized pieces. Instead, let’s take a look at some of the more realistic ones:

1. The Songs. Oh, The Songs

Believe it or not, cool children’s music is a real thing. In his post-punk band days, my husband was a traveling one man kiddie musical review. While he never reached The Laurie Berkner Band-level of fame, he still managed to rock our local children’s music scene. Even though there is the definite possibility of tuning your tot onto music that doesn’t involve a troupe of neon-haired adults in doll dresses or goofy guys crooning about using the potty, you probably won’t find it on your toddler’s favorite show. Cut the TV time and you cut the songs.

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