5 Places You Should Never, Ever Look in My House!

5. The laundry room is surrounded by caution tape.

If there is one place in any house that I think we can declare a worldwide caution zone, it is the laundry room. My laundry room is constantly filled with stinky, dirty clothing that is in no way a reflection of the people that live in the house. Sure, I’ve tried to use one of the Pinterest crafts to hang up the socks that are “looking for their sole mates,” but nothing will put a charming twist on those sweat-stained socks that we probably should have just thrown away.
Those are just a few of the area in my home that are off limits, and no one should ever look. Even while writing this, I thought of some more: my closet, the desk in my office, and underneath the couch cushions.
If you could create a “no go” zone for your house when people are over, where would you put it?


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