5 Places You Should Never, Ever Look in My House!

Let's clean it up
I used to think there were some unwritten rules about being parents and visiting each other’s homes, but a recent event made me realize that is not really the case. One of my kid’s had a friend over, and his mom came to pick him up, and when she walked into my home, she stared right down the stairs and into the basement. I could feel the judgement rolling off of her as she looked down to the final resting place of blow up Santas, broken toys, old clothing that no longer fits anyone, and that old coffee table my son made his own stage and we had to remove. She acted like she couldn’t see it, but I knew that she definitely caught a glimpse of the concrete walls, stained Oriental rug, and that treadmill that now functions as a bookshelf.

So I’ve come to wonder: shouldn’t there be unwritten rules about where we can look in someone else’s home? Sure, the places won’t be entirely universal, but I bet we all have a few places in common. We all have some hidden spots in our homes that we don’t want anyone else to see. The ones in my home would be as follows:

1. Please don’t look under the beds!

Beds wouldn’t be made with a space underneath if there wasn’t meant to be stuff under there, right? The bed in my room might be “organize” with those photo boxes from craft stores, but the underside of the bed beds in any other rooms could be used as one of those “I Spy” pictures. Unless you want to see that shirt that probably doesn’t fit her anymore, the cleat that is a nice mixture of brown (mud), green (grass), and yellow (sweat), or some old chapter books I tried to force into their hands, you should probably stay clear of them.

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