5 Frustrating Potty Training Flubs That You Want To Avoid!

The sun shone down on the giggling gaggle of children who were making their way like a pack through the playground. From the rainbow-hued climber sprung a waterfall, illuminated by the mid-afternoon rays. No, it wasn’t an elaborate water feature, it was my son. Peeing. On the climber’s bridge. As the stream drizzled its way down to the ground underneath he quizzically looked down at me and half-stated, half-asked, “Big boys don’t pee in their pants?” My heart broke. I was so desperate to potty train him that I had pushed him out of pull-ups before he was ready – and he knew it.

While your BFF’s tot may have gone from diapers to cartoon-clad undies in mere hours (or at least that’s what she said), potty training is often a stressful time for parents as well as children. Before you strategize, stress and second-guess yourself, consider these flubs that you won’t want to make.

1. Pushing Your Child

Case in point, I pushed my son before he was really, truly ready. The result? Using a pile of leaves to mop up a pee pool on a playground climber. Oops! The American Academy of Pediatrics notes that most children are ready to start (keep in mind this means begin – not master) potty training between 18 and 24-months. There’s no potty training prize for getting your little one out of diapers by 1-year. Look for signs such as an interest in using the potty or being able to recognize the sensation of needing to go before you embark on a quest to go diaper free.

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