16 Common Words That You May Be Mispronouncing!

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We all do it! Whether it’s a foreign or regional accent or whether it’s just some word that we’ve always said a certain way since we were little kids. Here are 21 words that are very commonly mis-pronounced!

1. We say Crowns instead of Crayons
2. We say Aks instead of Ask
3. We say Athelete instead of Athlete
4. We say Bob Wire instead of Barbed Wire
5. We say Antartic instead of Antarctic
6. We say Ol instead of Oil
7. We say Cawfee instead of Coffee
8. We say Canadit instead of Candidate
9. We say Jif instead of Gif – Hard G
10. We say Nitch instead of Niche – sh sound at the end
11. We say Calvary instead of Cavalry
12. We say Cashay instead of Cache – Pronounced just like Cash
13. We say Mute instead of Moot
14. We say Close instead of Clothes
15. We say Dialate instead of Dilate
16. We say Drownd instead of Drown

Are you guilty of any of these? Which ones? What other words do people say weird where you’re from? Comment below…


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